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‘Let’s cake!’: All the times Hamish Blake sent fans wild with his homemade birthday cakes

His creations sure are crazy!
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Hamish Blake has become rather famous for creating epic birthday cakes for his two children.

Staying up all night, the dad-of-two certainly knows how to entertain his social media followers, as he attempts to bake some seriously jaw-dropping cakes each year – and 2024 was no exception!

This year marks the eighth year in a row since he first began to try and “fulfill the prophecy” that he will make his son Sonny “any cake he desires”.

Since then, Hamish has made his children, 10-year-old Sonny and six-year-old Rudy, a birthday cake of their choice.

So, keep scrolling to see what he came up with for this year, and also all the ones he’s made in previous years.

Minecraft Cake. CREDIT: Instagram

Minecraft Cake

With a glass of single malt whisky by his side, Hamish embarked on baking a Minecraft-themed cake for his son’s 10th birthday at 8pm the night before.

“My mind is racing with how to put this together but it’s nothing a good single malt and over-optimism can’t solve,” the funny-man joked prior to his bi-annual evening of birthday cake-making.

After lots of blood, sweat, and tears, the devoted dad finished his cake-making endeavours eight hours later at 4am.

Not one to be outshone, the cake even featured a dabbing character from the game, as well as a TNT box that actually exploded!

LEGO Friends Cake. (Credit: Instagram)

LEGO Friends Cake

For Rudi’s sixth birthday, Hamish explained on his Instagram that it wasn’t until the last minute that she decided what she wanted her dear papa to create for her.

“A LEGO set cake, that is of our family, fully edible, as LEGO characters, eating a pink dog cake at a picnic but (and this is critical) it comes in a real LEGO box,” he teased. 

“It needs to be fully assembled in the box, and also (last minute addition) there’s smoke when you take the lid off,” he added. 

Tall order much!

After beginning his cake-making journey at 8:30pm with a trusty glass of whiskey in hand, the LegoMasters host wrapped up his efforts just after 4am. 

“I tried, I really tried,” he told the camera. 

“I hope there’s a six-year-old girl tomorrow that looks at this and sees that those dots look a lot like LEGO, and the characters look vaguely like the characters they were requested to look like!”

Rubiks Cube Cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Rubiks Cube Cake

For Sonny’s 9th birthday, Hamish has attempted a world first in cakes. The fully functional Rubiks Cube birthday cake is what the dad-of-two calls the “world’s first solve-able cake”. 

“In accordance with family lore, whatever cake my children request of me, I must attempt to make,” he told his audience in a ‘cake explainer’ video.

With such a challenging brief, the TV personality took advantage of his prep time, designing cake blueprints and a 3D-printed cake skeleton.

Despite much doubt, Hamish found success at 6am. With some help from The Block’s Scotty Cam and support from the likes of Celeste Barber and Andy Lee, the all-nighter proved victorious.

“This one nearly beat me. Four hours ago I thought I was nearly done, two hours I thought I couldn’t get it done. I was a broken man,” he told his Instagram audience.

Avatar Cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Avatar Cake

This year, for his eighth birthday, Sonny delivered a brief for a cake based on Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender, who can control the elements of air, wind, water, and fire.

“I already feel the familiar twang of this being too much, and the law of averages states I’m due for a flame out, but nevertheless, here we are,” Hamish captioned a video of himself explaining the brief.

Not only was this his most challenging cake yet, but Hamish and his wife Zoe were also heading off to attend a charity ball – meaning he had a really tight window to get it done.

While things didn’t go exactly to plan, Hamish was able to create a masterpiece, featuring a “crumb layer”, marzipan cake toppers of rocks, and real fire.

“By far that was the biggest overreach of my cake career. I’d like to thank good friends, whiskey, blind hope, and the urgency of beating sunrise,” he said once the cake was done.

UniDonkey Cake. (Credit: Instagram)

UniDonkey Cake

What started out as a magical unicorn for his daughter Rudy’s fourth birthday quickly turned into what was named “UniDonkey”.

“This year, to be honest, and with a whole universe of love for my favourite tiny girl in the world: it’s gotten f*cking ridiculous,” he shared to Instagram.

“It’s a unicorn, flapping its wings, with a rainbow coming out of its mouth, under a cloud, that’s raining glitter.”

Well, that was the brief at least, but things took a slight turn for Hamish when it came to the unicorn’s face after it started to resemble a donkey rather than a unicorn.

“There’s nothing I can do, it’s 3 o’clock. I just gotta get the wings on. It’s a uni-donkey, we’re doing a uni-donkey,” he said.

Pikachu Cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Pikachu Cake

For Sonny’s seventh birthday, Hamish whipped up something extra special last year.

“It’s a Pikachu. He’s coming out of a Pokeball (that’s a Pokémon thing, not a bowl of brown rice and salmon and cabbage). There is jelly in the Pokeball. There is smoke. It goes “pfffft” when it opens. Pikachu has his hand up for a high five,” Hamish described what his son’s brief was for the cake this year.

And not one to disappoint, Hamish stayed up all night to execute his son’s birthday cake requests, and the result was near perfect, save for one tiny detail.

“Yeah, the cake doesn’t open with the mechanism, the icing was too heavy, that’s my bad but I never promised a mechanism — I just said an opening cake,” he said.

“We got my son on a technicality and that’s what making cakes is all about, legally getting your son done with a loophole.”

Sheepy cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Sheepy Cake

For his daughter’s third birthday, Hamish met Rudy’s request to make a cake resembling her favourite toy, ‘sheepy’.

“I was all set to make her a unicorn cake that pooped out glittery little (chocolate) turds. Then I learned a harsh lesson in client/agency dynamics as she last minute changed the brief,” he said.

While Hamish has baked epic cakes for his son’s birthday for years, this was the first time he’d baked one of his marvelous creations for Rudy.

Aladdin cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Aladdin Cake

While last year Sonny received a very fun Pikachu cake, the year before Hamish made him a ‘Cave Of Wonders’ cake from Aladdin featuring glowing eyes and a glowing mouth.

“This year it’s a classic, the Cave Of Wonders from Aladdin, you know, the cave he goes into to get the lamp (you know). The mouth glows. The eyes glow. Sonny has asked this faithfully be recreated,” Hamish said.

Dino cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Dino Cake

“This year is by far the hardest. A velociraptor. That can open and close its mouth. And roar. And can ‘whack me in the head with its tail’ (Sonny direct quote).

“An outlandish request I should have turned down, but, my Italian heritage dictates that a father can never refuse a cake request on the day of his son’s birthday,” the father-of-two penned.

Yet, despite it seeming out of reach, Hamish successfully created a Velociraptor cake, complete with a moving dinosaur tail, along with a volcano to match.

Mack Truck cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Mack Truck Cake

“This is the Mack truck cake my husband made (the night before, starting at 8:30pm, equipped with many beers and no idea) for our Disney Cars fanatic of a son,” Zoe penned on Instagram.

“But he did it. And it’s perfect. Especially since he’d a) never heard of fondant before, b) didn’t Goog a step-by-step for guidance and c) didn’t throw a huge shitfit and then a rolling pin by 8:47pm as I would have.”

“He made a promise to a boy, and he fulfilled it, and he even pulled off that ludicrous edible-hinge (not pictured) bullshit that had me eye-rolling for Australia,” she said.

Slimer cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Slimer Cake

Finally, and arguably most memorable, was the ‘Slimer cake’ that Hamish made for his son, which featured six layers and spewed green icing slime.

“Slime fairly happy with how the big moment played out,” Hamish wrote of the cake.

His wife Zoe added: “If your dad says you he’s gonna make you a Slimer birthday cake that shoots green slime out of its god-damn mouth, then you can’t be surprised when it happens.

“(I can be, though. Two years in a row my husband has pulled off a truly obnoxious cake idea, and no one is more shocked than I am.) (Proud. I mean proud.)”

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