The Princess of Wales makes sweet promise to Prince Louis

Their bond runs deep.
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For the Princess of Wales, the past six months have been the most challenging of her life.

Far beyond the uncertainty of her cancer diagnosis and its ensuing treatment – which has so far seen her out of the public eye since Christmas Day – the hardest part of all has been keeping a sense of normalcy for her three beloved children.

Prince William Princess Catherine Prince Louis Prince George Princess Charlotte
William and Kate have made it clear the family is their priority. (Credit: Matt Porteous/Prince and Princess of Wales/ Kensington Palace via AP)

It’s understood that as Kate convalesces, she has been determined to keep business as usual on the home front. Some reports suggest that when she feels up to it, she insists on doing school runs with Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, nine, and Prince Louis, six, running the gamut of a rubbernecking public determined to catch a glimpse of the ailing royal.

Perhaps the hardest part of her unexpected diagnosis, announced in February, has been helping her youngest son – cheeky ‘Loubug’ – understand that his mum is unwell.

“He’s young, rambunctious and doesn’t understand why his once super-fit mum isn’t the same at the moment,” a source tells New Idea.

“Despite still receiving treatment, Kate is extremely conscious of this and reserves most of her precious energy for him.”

For the princess and husband, the Prince of Wales, it’s been kids first, work second. This was evident at a recent society wedding in which Prince William was an usher, but George, who was expected to attend, didn’t materialise.

Princess Kate Prince Louis
The cheeky prince misses going on adventures with his mum. (Credit: Getty)

At the time of press, it was understood Kate, 42, would make her apologies for the marquee event on the 2024 royal calendar – Trooping the Colour, in honour of King Charles’ birthday.

“Kate would have been doing everything possible to appear on that balcony alongside her family,” says a source.

“Not least to place a reassuring hand on Louis, who famously gets quite excitable in crowds.

“He’s done some public appearances since his mum’s diagnosis, and has stuck to William like glue,” says a source.

“But Louis is very much a mum’s boy, so seeing her feeling so unwell has been terribly difficult.

trooping the colour 2023
Trooping the Colour is a key date on the royal calendar. (Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

“But most courtiers and organisers were briefed not to expect her presence. It was unclear even days before the event whether the kids would attend without their mum, too.”

Some insiders suggested George may be the only Wales child to attend.

“Kate is doing everything she can to reassure Louis and promise all of her children, that she – and they – are going to be OK.”

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