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“Unfair” Aussie reality TV show slammed for cheating scandal

Fans have attacked the show for allegedly changing the rules in the final episodes.
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Hunted Australia finished on Tuesday night, with contestants Stathi and Rob both taking out the win and splitting the show’s $100,000 prize money.

However, the final week of the show left viewers fuming over the “unfair” rule changes. 

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The thrilling show has been a smash hit in its first season, with teams attempting to evade ‘Hunters’ for 21 days.

One of the final teams, Nick and Lavinia were caught on Sunday night after the Hunters froze their bank cards and fans were quick to point out that no other team had the same disadvantage.

Hunted Australia
The thrilling show has been a smash hit in its first season. (Credit: Ten)

“How is it within the rules for them to freeze their bank account?! Have they done that for all teams??” Questioned one fan on Twitter. 

“I gotta say that freezing the bank account is wildly unfair” shared another disappointed fan.

One viewer explained that they “don’t think it’s fair that the hunters cancel or freeze bank cards… it’s a game and that feels like cheating .. too much power and now manipulation!”

Hunted Australia
Viewers called out the rule changes as unfair. (Credit: Ten)

During the final episode, the remaining team were required to ring Hunted HQ to find out where the extraction point would be.

However, as soon as they called, their exact location was disclosed to the Hunters – a move that viewers again called out as unfair.

“So no matter how well you stay hidden for 20 days the Hunters get your location on the last day either way” questioned one fan during the final episode.

Another viewer pointed out the unfairness in “forcing them to make a phone call so that they can locate them.”

Hunted Australia
Many believe the shows rules should be transparent. (Credit: Ten)

After the final of the show, fans called out the unclear and changing rules, explaining that “the rules of engagement of the show should be transparent.”

“Hey @HuntedAU is there a set of rules that’s public that we can all check out?” queried one confused fan.

Despite the controversies, many viewers still enjoyed the first season of the show, including one fan who explained that their “family thoroughly enjoyed it and even despite its weaknesses, inconsistencies and controversies, it made for a fresh and engaging show and a nice change.”

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