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Eliza and Liberty: “The Block nearly killed us!”

The sisters are back on TV to renovate their health.
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They might not have won last year’s season of The Block, but sisters Eliza and Liberty Paschke still walked away as household names with a legion of fans. Now, the down-to-earth siblings are returning to our screens with a new TV show called Do You Want to Live Forever?

The Channel Nine program, co-hosted by Tracy Grimshaw and Dr Nick Coatsworth, follows four pairs of everyday Australians trying to improve their prospects of longevity over a 12-week period.

When the opportunity to take part in the show arose, Liberty, 35, and Eliza, 38, experienced polar-opposite reactions at the prospect of getting started – which matched their completely different approaches when it comes to their health.

Eliza and Liberty Do You Want To Live Forever
The girls are trying to live a healthier lifestyle on Do You Want to Live Forever? (Channel Nine)

“I was so passionate about the idea of doing it, as I’m massively into my health and fitness,” Liberty tells New Idea. “But Eliza was absolutely petrified!”

“I literally add litres of condiments to everything. I have [a] salad with my dressing,” explains Eliza, with a laugh.

Liberty continues, “I was actually quite worried about her because of her horrific habits and knew she wouldn’t change unless something big happened.

“Filming Do You Want to Live Forever? couldn’t have come at a better time. She needed this.”

Eliza agrees with her younger sister: “Doing this show for me, was about getting myself out of the gutter and trying to make myself a semi-healthy human because I was on a bit of a downer,” she admits.

Looking back at their The Block experience, the sisters explain they spent “every waking moment” renovating their house. There was no time to exercise or eat well, meaning that they each gained around six kilos.

“I’ve always eaten poorly though,” admits Eliza. “But after The Block, we were both disgusting! I’ve got high cholesterol, I don’t really drink water and I get about three hours of sleep a night!”

Eliza from The Block sitting on the ground eating snacks.
“I’ve always been a bit of a slob,” admits Eliza. (Channel Nine)

As for fitness-fanatic Liberty, before taking part in The Block her commitment to exercise saw her “training every single day”. This discipline fell by the wayside due to the “exhaustion” of “all-nighters” they kept putting themselves through to keep up with their fellow Blockheads.

While others on the show managed to squeeze in sessions at the gym, the sisters’ lack of knowledge about renovating meant that sacrifices, especially on their time, had to be made while they got up to speed.

Liberty admits, “We had huge bags under our eyes, but we had to compromise our sleep. That’s just what had to happen to get stuff done. By the end, I was so unhealthy.”

When they were offered the chance to take part in Do You Want to Live Forever?, they believe it was the “universe” giving them the push they needed to improve their wellbeing.

“This show has definitely come along at the right time for us,” says Liberty.

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