The Voice scandal: Boy George’s diva demands REVEALED

Shocking behind the scenes tensions exposed
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Rumours of an intense division between Boy George and the other superstar coaches have been circulating for months.

Former Culture Club frontman George set tongues wagging when he stormed off set on the first episode of the eighth season of the hit Nine singing show.

Boy George
(Credit: Nine)

And now New Idea can reveal that there is indeed tension between the coaches behind the scenes on set.

“He keeps himself pretty separate from the other coaches,” a Voice insider says.

“Delta and Guy are obviously old friends and Kelly is really easy going, she gets along with them all. But George isn’t like that, he wants his own space

“He’s got a whole extra set of demands that the other coaches don’t have and production pander to his wishes because he’s renowned for being a diva.”

Boy George
(Credit: Nine)

Things exploded on Sunday night when the 57-year-old British star stormed off set following a strange conflict with contestant Daniel Shaw after he told George no one cared when he played guitar.

“I’m not coming back,” George told producers.

According to sources, it was actually George’s conflict with his fellow coaches which caused the outburst.

Daniel Shaw
(Credit: Nine)

“The tension between Kelly and George is real. They’re friends but they sometimes lose sight of that, particularly George”

“He’s really competitive, he wants to win, it’s a real blow to his ego that he hasn’t won in three years on the show.”

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