Devastating news for Patti Newton

We hope the star is okay!

Patti Newton, 72, has taken to Instagram to show herself in hospital, where she told fans she was ‘lucky’ there had been ‘no permanent damage.’

The bubbly entertainer, who is the wife of Australian TV legend Bert Newton, posted a photo gesturing a peace sign with her right hand as she lays down with a brace visible around her neck. 

Newton captioned the Instagram snap, ‘Had a fall and hit my head. I’m so lucky after scans no permanent damage, just a sore and glued head.’

She also took the opportunity to thank hospital staff, ‘Thank you to the #frankstonhospital they were just wonderful to us xx.’ 

A commenter was quick to respond, ‘Story chasing the grand kids Patti, that’ll do it every time haha!!!’ 

To which Patti responded directly, ‘No it was the new puppy Billy.’ 

Other commenters have sent loving messages of well-wishes.

We hope the star makes a speedy recovery!

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