Maccas’ new free cups divide fans

The bizarre design is supposed to stop spills.
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McDonalds are receiving some online backlash over their new novelty cups, which are freebies given out to commemorate their 50th year Down Under.

WATCH BELOW: New Maccas cup confusing users

The commemorative glasses were unveiled last week as part of their ongoing celebrations, but since people have begun collecting, comments on the odd design have grown.

The cups are supposedly a ‘no-spill’ design, and are built with a rounded base, meaning they wobble and tilt rather than sitting flat.

One particular Tik Tok user has taken it to the people.

The commemorative cups are limited edition for McDonalds’ 50th Birthday. (Credit: McDonalds)

“So, has anyone got the new Macca’s cup yet? That doesn’t sit?” user @nunya343 asked people in a recent video.

“I don’t get it,” she added.

“I’m a bit p***ed off as I wanted to use it as a plant holder,” she explains, fiddling with the cup and attempting to get it to sit still.

Commenters on the video were split.

The glasses have food designs printed on them. (Credit: McDonalds)

“Their dumbest special to date,” one agreed.

“Whoever made those are legit so dumb,” said another.

“Working at maccas … I don’t mind them if you’re just going to hold them. However, … I do think they’re absolutely STUPID as they don’t even sit correctly,” someone else weighed in.

However, not all users criticised the glass.

“I mean they don’t spill, I’ll give them that but a normal glass doesn’t either,” one person said.

“Apparently on the back of the box it does say wobbly cup,” another explained.

WATCH BELOW: Non-spill Maccas cup

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The design does seem to work, however, with the same Tik Tok user following up her complaint video with another showing the function of the glass.

She spins the glass and wobbles it, and it doesn’t give.

“Alright, I’m impressed,” she concedes.

Although, her comment section was still not entirely convinced.

“That’s not full though, I fill to the brim,” one wrote.

“It would make me nervous every time my kids put that cup down with a drink in it 😂😂,” another added.

“It works best after a few rum and cokes,” said someone else.

McDonalds has been in Australia for 50 years now. (Credit: Getty)

The cups are just one way that McDonalds are choosing to celebrate their latest milestone.

They are offering six to collect.

However, if ‘wobbly cups’ are not your thing, they are also releasing limited-edition McFlurries, Custard Pies, 50c Big Mac burgers and a range of other fun treats.

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