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To celebrate the premiere of House of the Dragon season two, streaming giant Binge has released two limited-edition hot sauce flavours that are sure to turn up the heat!

Much like the dragons of Westeros, you’ll be breathing fire after taste-testing these bad boys, created in collaboration with Renae Bunster of Bunsters Hot Sauce in Perth.

With two flavours to choose from, fans will have the chance to choose a sauce that aligns with their allegiance to the characters on the show.

house of the dragon hot sauce
‘Revenge’. (Credit: BINGE)

For those who are firmly ‘Team Green’ and support King Aegon Targaryen’s right to rule from the Iron Throne, the ‘Revenge’ flavour contains green habaneros, aji charapita peppers and jalapenos, and offers a searing Scoville Rating of 35,000 units reminiscent of a savage sword strike.

And for those who support (in this author’s opinion), Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen’s birthright to rule, there is the ‘Dracarys.’

Much like ‘Team Black’, this hot sauce is relentless and is made from the world-famous Caroline Reaper, as well as scorpion and bird’s eye chillies with a Scoville rating of 500,000 units that creator Renae Bunster says is “similar to being engulfed by dragon fire.”

house of the dragon hot sauce
Which one will you be trying? (Credit: Binge)

So as the Seven Kingdoms teeter on the edge of a bloody civil war and settle old scores, it seems only right that fans of the show declare their allegiance in a literal trial by fire via these hot sauces that come with strict safety warnings.

These include: “Do not consume if you are sensitive to spicy foods or have any respect for your rectum whatsoever,” and “Consumption of this sauce may induce a trip to the porcelain throne.”

You’ve been warned….

house of the dragon hot sauce
‘Dracarys.’ (Credit: Binge)

Speaking with New Idea about the hot new products, BINGE Marketing Director Fiona King said the hot sauces were created “to bring the intense rivalries of Westeros into kitchens nationwide.”

“Our creation is set to ignite a legendary feud, and I’m so excited to see the reactions from fans as these sauces will literally make you breathe fire!”

If you’d like to get your hands on a bottle of ‘Revenge’ or ‘Dracarys’, simply head to the official BINGE Instagram account, and share whether you are Team Green or Team Black and why.

Stay tuned as the team at New Idea declare their allegiance and taste test these scorching hot sauce flavours…

Stream House of the Dragon now on Binge from $10/mth, with a 7-day free trial.

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