EXCLUSIVE: Australian Idol’s Maya Weiss shares Harry Connick Jr’s “huge” advice

“I’m just going to go straight back into it…I’m really looking forward to not chilling out too much.”
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28-year-old vocal powerhouse Maya Weiss was a strong contender for this year’s Australian Idol. Her cool character and confident performances wowed the judges each week, with comments of “superstar” and “born to do this” showered upon her consistently.

Upon entering the Live Shows, however, the judges only become stricter. Competition is fierce and two must leave each week. Unfortunately, this was Weiss’ time to say ‘good-bye’. After her Sunday night performance of Elton John and Dua Lipa’s ‘Cold Heart’, the judges shared their disappointment with her song choice.

WATCH: Maya Weiss performs ‘Cold Heart’. Article continues after video.

“The song I’ve thrashed on the radio. Dua Lipa was great on it, the remix is good, and you’re a great singer, but there was just something sh*t about it,” Kyle shared.

In spite of this, Weiss was a consistent contender, even receiving one of the coveted ‘Touchdowns’ from Sandilands himself during Top 24 Week.

Ending up in the bottom four of public votes, last night, Weiss and fellow performer Jasey Fox were voted out of the Top 12, leaving only ten performers left.

With a whole lot more to give, new music and (potentially) more reality shows in the future, Weiss sat down with New Idea to discuss her Idol journey and thoughts on her exit.

It’s sad to see Maya go! (Credit: Channel Seven/Instagram)

How are you feeling, Maya? Are you satisfied with your Idol journey?

You know, the more I think about it, I actually am. I would have loved to sing a ballad or something but, you know, I’m really happy that we left it in a way that’s stirring people up.

In terms of your music career, following Idol, do you have any plans? Are there any new songs you’re maybe working on?

Yeah, definitely. I’m just going to go straight back into it. I’ve got a few songs that are half ready and I’m really looking forward to not chilling out too much. I want to make sure I get the people I’ve met through the show still interested in my career and I will definitely be releasing new music and music videos over the next few months.

And would you do any more shows like Idol in the future?

I really enjoy this side of television and these shows. I really enjoyed the hours and the crew. I think I’ll definitely concentrate on my original music, but I don’t know if I’d say I wouldn’t do a show again. I really like it- even just trying to connect more with the radio and stuff like that. I would really appreciate doing something again.

Speaking of people you’ve met, how were your relationships with the other contestants? Were there any you got with particularly well during your time on Idol?

Oh, we all get along actually really well – so much more than I expected. I was definitely close with, I mean, everyone really in the Top 12. Jasey and I were quite close so it was funny that we left together. And Harry, Josh, and Sash- I mean, pretty much all of them.

She brought the powerhouse vocals. (Credit: Channel Seven/Instagram)

And the judges? Obviously, you spent a lot of time with them and they’re giving you constant feedback on performances. Who did you look up to the most on the panel?

I was really inspired by everyone in their own way. I mean, Harry’s career is insane! And Meghan, to get to that level… But I learnt so much from Kyle and Amy on the mentoring level.

What’s the best piece of advice the judges have given you?

I think the best piece would probably be to not ‘be’ my age or even the show necessarily- any type of make or break in my career. All of the tools I’ve learnt on the show will all build to a bigger picture, and they’ve all made me feel like I’ve had a career.

Even Harry [Connick Jr.], I just spoke to him yesterday just before I left, he said he really thinks I’m world class and thinks that this show wasn’t even the right platform for me, if that makes sense. So that was huge to hear from him.

Now there are only ten remaining, is there anyone you’re rooting for in particular?

It’s really hard because everyone’s so different. And I’m rooting for them all.

I think Harry [Hayden] deserves a better chance because he’s a phenomenal singer. And I think, if this show’s going to do anything, it’s to give the younger people a chance to really grow and become sure of themselves. I think he’s a better singer than what has been shown and he deserves credit.

And, when I think I think [who might win], yeah, it’s hard. I think everyone deserves to win and it’s just a matter of who the public fall in love with the most!

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