MasterChef Australia 2019: Who is Larissa?

Everything you need to know about Larissa!
Channel 10

A lover of cooking shows, Larissa is hoping to leave her mark on MasterChef Australia 2019 in a big way.

The 22-year-old restaurant manager was born and raised in Sydney and comes from a large Lebanese family.

Being part of a big family means Larissa is often surrounded by food and enjoying big lunches and dinner are part of family life.

While Larissa is studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, she also works as the restaurant manager in her mum’s restaurant.

Larissa says she’s mostly taught her self to cook, with a little help from her mum!

Larissa also boasts an extensive cookbook collection, and is a fan of the works of Karen Martini, David Chang, Gill Meller, Yotam Ottolenghi and Darren Purchese.

A fan of both sweet and savoury cooking, Larissa says she’s more experimental in sweet cooking but finds herself more intuitive in savoury. 

Leaving behind her family and partner of six years Luke to take part in MasterChef, Larissa dreams of one day opening her own wine bar and restaurant, serving comforting yet sophisticated food with a seasonal menu.

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