Sunrise’s Matt Shrivington: “Kochie’s advice really helped me”

Shirvo remembers the highs and lows
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Matt Shirvington says he’s learnt “so much” in the  12 months since he replaced David Koch as Sunrise’s male co-host – namely mastering the art of the early morning wake-up call!

Sitting down with New Idea for a chat to mark his one-year anniversary, Shirvo confesses he figured out the hard way to not go blitzing his morning smoothie in the family kitchen at 3am.

“I made that mistake once, and once only,” he tells us with a chuckle. “My wife [Jessica] had something to say about that at the time!

“Now, I make my smoothie with a portable blender in my car before I leave for work.”

On a more serious note, Shirvo is glad he paid close attention to his predecessor Kochie’s suggestion to just “be himself” on-air. He is also thankful to have a good co-captain in Natalie Barr.

Matt Shirvington sitting on a stool on a yellow background
Shirvo’s reflecting on a huge first year at Brekky Central. (Credit: Seven)

“I think I spent the first six months on the couch learning the ropes, supported so much by Nat of course. But now I feel like I’ve relaxed into the role. Taking on board Kochie’s advice really helped,” he shares.

Shirvo’s wife Jess and their three kids – teen daughters Sienna and Winter and young son Lincoln – have also adapted to the Olympic sprinter’s new job.

“Jess has stepped up to keep things on track at home, especially in the morning when I’m not around to help get everyone out the door for school,” he explains. “But we’re in a good routine now.”

In terms of standout moments from his year on Sunrise, Shirvo, 45, reflects for a second before naming his first day on-air as one he’ll “absolutely never forget”. Already feeling apprehensive on the Sunday about taking over from Kochie, Matt’s first day on June 12, 2023, involved covering a huge national news story – the Hunter Valley bus crash, in which 10 people lost their lives on their way back from a wedding.

Matt Shirvington with Tom Cruise
Shirvo was star struck when he met the Mission Impossible star. (Credit: Seven)

“It was so shocking and tragic,” he recalls. “Going on to that story on my first day made me realise the gravity of the job. “Communicating heartbreaking – and heartwarming – stories on the show is a big responsibility and privilege,” Matt adds.

On a much lighter note, Matt says meeting Tom Cruise in person was a highlight. “We filmed a 15 minute interview with him and he was so great,” Matt recalls. “It was a pinch-me moment.”

Kept busy by juggling Sunrise with family life – eldest daughter Sienna is doing her HSC this year while Year 10 student Winter is choosing her final subjects – Matt didn’t celebrate his one-year anniversary in any special way.

“But I definitely feel proud to have passed the milestone,” he says. “What’s surprised me, a year in though, is just how much I love this job. I still feel really honoured every day to be in this position.”

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