Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Opening the door to love

Friends just want the beloved television personality to be happy.
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Kerri-Anne Kennerley is being encouraged by her nearest and dearest to think about the possibility of opening her heart up to love once again.

“We’ve all gently suggested it’s time to think about love and what that could look like, and she certainly hasn’t shut the door on finding love again,” one close friend confirms to New Idea.

“But is it a priority? No.”

kerri anne kennerley husband
Late husband John was the love of Kerri-Anne’s life. (Credit: Getty)

Kerri-Anne, 70, tragically lost her soulmate and husband, John, in February 2019. Three years earlier, John was left paralysed and wheelchair-bound after falling from a balcony.

The TV presenter has previously said she drew heavily on her “resilience” in the aftermath of her devastating loss.

“She’s a beautiful, successful, independent woman who is living a great life,” adds the insider.

“That said, she also has moments of loneliness … So yes, I think it would be great if she could find someone.”

kerri anne kennerley husband
John was left wheelchair-bound after a 2016 fall. (Credit: Getty)

Of course, any man who wants to be part of Kerri-Anne’s life would have to be someone “pretty special”.

“They really would have to have a ton of energy to keep up with her, because she hasn’t slowed down a lot and is playing heaps of golf and travelling almost non-stop,” says the pal.

“I don’t think she’s in any great rush to give up her independence.”

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