“It’s month by month” Kerri-Anne Kennerley on the grief of losing her husband

“I’ve always been strong on resilience.”
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Kerri Anne Kennerley has revealed how she has coped with the shock and grief of losing her husband John five years ago. 

“It’s just … month by month. You just have to work through it and try and be as logical as possible,” she recently revealed.   

The Aussie TV legend opened up about coping with loss when she attended the Mercedes-Benz Women In Business event in Sydney recently. 

The former talk-show host said she drew heavily on her “resilience” in the aftermath of the loss.

Kerri-Anne’s husband John passed away in  2019, aged 78, following a balcony fall in 2016 which left him paralysed.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley in Sydney.
Kerri-Anne Kennerley was spotted running errands in Sydney last week. (Credit: Media Mode)

The couple were married for 35 years after saying ‘I do’ in 1984.

“Resilience helps too,” she said. “I’ve always been strong on resilience.”

But the 70-year-old also joked that she’d encountered some unexpected challenges of living alone – like having to “trudge across the hallway” to ask her neighbour for help with a zip!

“I couldn’t zip up my Balmain jumpsuit so I had to knock on my friend’s apartment next door and she had to zip me up because when you live by yourself, you can’t zip,” the fashion-lover explained.

Kerri-Anne added that she won’t be returning to television.

kerri anne kennerley in white dress on red carpet.
TV legend Kerri-Anne has enjoyed a career on screens for more than 50 years. (Credit: Getty)

“It’d be nice to have a project here and a project there,” she said. “But I’m at a different stage of my life. I spent 50 years working my backside off.”

Instead, she is focusing on her charity work and her passions for travel and golf.

“I’m travelling a lot now and I’m loving it,” said Kerri-Anne.

The star has trips planned to Turkey, the UK and the US during the second half of this year.

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