Are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell FINALLY getting married?

After 40 years, Kurt revealed the couple have had a change of heart.
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They’ve been happily unmarried for years, but Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn might finally tie the knot!

Twice-divorced Goldie, 78, and once-divorced Kurt, 72, have always stood by their decision not to wed, but Kurt recently admitted marriage is now on their minds.

“I’ve been going with my girl for 40 years. It’s come up in conversation whereas it never used to,” the actor told Extra, though he gave no explanation for the sudden change of heart.

The couple started dating in 1983 and have raised son, Wyatt and Goldie’s kids Kate and Oliver Hudson together. They said their previous break-ups put them off marriage.

“How many divorces actually make you hate the person more than you did before?” Goldie said earlier this year.

Kurt Russell kisses Goldie Hawn on cheek
“It’s come up in conversation,” Kurt says of marriage. (Credit: Getty)

Goldie was previously married to Gus Trinkonis from 1969 to 1976. In the same year she divorced Gus, she went on to marry the father of her two children, Bill Hudson, from whom she divorced in 1982.

Meanwhile, Kurt was married to Season Hubley from 1979 until 1983.

Retro photo of Goldie Hawn and Kurt russell
Kurt and Goldie started dating in 1983. (Credit: Getty)

Goldie’s only daughter Kate, 44, has previously said her mum and step-father, who she credits with raising her and her brother Oliver, have always shared the common value of putting family before anything else.

“They both had kids from other [relationships] and we became this melting pot of a family,” she said when appearing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2022.

“Other than obviously balancing their own careers, it became their life purpose: We will have the best family.”

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell with their children and grandchildren.
The couple are proud of their blended family. (Credit: Getty)

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