McCafe Australia is getting rid of two popular menu items

But four new items are being added…
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Let us paint you a picture: your family has decided that you’ll pick up lunch at McDonald’s but you’re just not in the mood for a burger and coke. No, instead you’re feeling a little boujee and want something fancier…

Thankfully, Macca’s has the McCafe section, so while everyone else is enjoying a Quarter Pounder or Happy Meal, you can treat yourself to a frothy cappuccino and delicious muffin.

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If that scenario sounds familiar, you’ll be pleased to know that McCafe is adding four all-new items to the menu all across its Australian stores. As of April 19, all McCafe’s will now offer Double Choc Muffins, Apple Crumble Muffins, Banana Blueberry Loaf and BBQ Bacon & Cheese Toasties.

However, McCafe is also removing two popular items from its menu: the Blueberry Muffin and the Mud Muffin.

mccafe mud muffin
McCafe is removing the Mud Muffin and Blueberry Muffin from its menu. (Credit: McDonald’s)

And while the new Banana Blueberry Loaf and the BBQ Bacon & Cheese Toastie are limited additions to the menu – they will only be available for six months – the Double Choc Muffin and the Apple Crumble Muffin will permanently replace the Blueberry and Mud Muffins!

These changes were announced just days after McDonald’s USA announced that it was making major changes to two of its signature burgers: the Big Mac and the Cheeseburger.

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It’s still unclear whether Australian McDonald’s will be following suit in regards to those changes

In the meantime, let’s all mourn the Blueberry and Mud Muffins while simultaneously celebrating the new McCafe options…

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