The iconic IKEA hotdog undergoes a plant-based transformation

Say hello to Swedish veggie goodness.
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While food isn’t the first thing one thinks of when it comes to IKEA, surprisingly the Swedish furniture retailer has built a substantial fanbase surrounding their bistro items.

For over 40 years, IKEA has offered in-house snacks for hungry shoppers – one of which being the hot dog. More than four decades later, from 2024, the iconic menu favourite is undergoing a plant-based evolution.

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As an expansion of their plant-based range, IKEA restaurants across Australia will welcome a veggie hot dog option.

Designed to “mimic the sensory experience of biting into the classic IKEA meat-based hot dog,” IKEA’s Food Manager, Helene Von Reis says the retailer wants to provide more sustainable food options.

The sausage is described as containing rice protein, onion, apple, salt, and pepper, with added smokiness to offer a classic sausage flavour.

The plant-based hot dog will enter stores early 2024. (Credit: Supplied)

“We want to provide more plant-based alternatives that will have less of an impact on the environment, compared to animal-based options but still provide our customers with the same taste they know and love,” von Reis said.

The choice of menu expansion reflects the Swedish furniture retailers’ commitment to providing tastier and more sustainable food options. The addition will also be offered at a more affordable price to inspire customers to choose plant-based options.

The veggie option is designed to mimic the texture of the original option. (Credit: Supplied)

The Food Manager also said: “IKEA is driven by a vision to create a better everyday life for people across the globe. Through the food business, we can contribute to this by offering tastier, healthier, and more sustainable food options.”

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