We tried Guzman y Gomez’s new mushroom filling: Here are our honest thoughts

After outcry from vegetarians, the restaurant has brought back the beloved item.
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When popular Mexican joint Guzman y Gomez (GYG) removed their mushroom filling from the menu, meat-eaters everywhere were indifferent

“That’s no loss.” one GYG fan wrote on social media. “I can’t imagine too many people were buying them.”

Au contraire reddit user, for the shiitake filling was favoured by *passionate* vegetarians… who weren’t subtle in their disappointment when the dish disappeared.

“Sad, the mushroom was delicious and the only reason I went there,” one devastated plant-eater wrote on the same reddit thread.

Such was the outcry – reported by the likes of, Pedestrian, and Seven News – that GYG has officially brought back the plant-based protein.

A win for the vegetarians, for sure. But what about the meat-eaters? Still indifferent?

It just so happens that this author is a meat eater (not to mention a mushroom hater) who loves to suffer for their art. So I tried it. And made my co-workers do the same.

The taste testers included: one vegetarian, two meat eaters, and two mushroom haters. Here are our thoughts:

gyg mushroom

The vegetarian

Gracie: “Why did they ever get rid of it in the first place? It’s just as I remember it.”

The meat eaters

Madi: “Way better than I was expecting; it tastes like my normal GYG order.”

Bec: “I am a devout meat eater but I would order this.”

The mushroom haters

Lizzie: “As someone who actively avoids eating mushrooms I was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious and I hardly noticed the absence of meat.” 

Catie: “Honestly I had low expectations because I don’t like mushrooms, but it was surprisingly good. I can see why vegetarians love it.”

So yes, consider us on board the mushroom renaissance. And we’re not the only ones.

When announcing the return of the beloved menu item, GYG founder and Co-CEO Steven Marks said: “The obsession GYG guests have with Mushrooms is REAL!

“I’ve never had so much feedback about a menu item and as always, we listened and it’s back and better than ever.”

gyg mushroom

The restaurant chain has also included the filling on their breakfast menu, “so guests can add it to their Brekkie burrito, or our brekkie tacos and as a side with guac on toast ”.

“We know the addition of the plant-based Pulled Shiitake Mushroom on the menu is going to is going to be a real talking point for our guests,” Marks continued. “Especially our Pulled Shiitake Mushroom Taco with Herb Mayo, it’s a special taco build and we want everyone to try it.”

Will you love it or hate it? There’s only one way to find out. The mushroom filling is available all day at every GYG restaurant – for dine-in, takeaway, drive-thru, and delivery, as well as on the GYG App

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