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Aldi has been named Australia’s cheapest supermarket in a landmark ‘basket of goods’ report conducted by consumer advocacy group Choice.

Released quarterly, the ‘pulse check’ that was released this month was compiled using data from mystery shoppers across the country.

Visiting 81 regional and metropolitan supermarkets nationwide, these shoppers were tasked with recording prices for 14 common grocery items.

From fresh fruit and veggies to bread, meat, tinned goods, and frozen foods, the research revealed that Aldi on average was about 25 percent cheaper at the checkout than the likes of Woolworths and Coles.

Aldi has been named as Australia’s “cheapest supermarket” for several years in a row. (Credit: Getty)

CEO of Choice Ashley de Silva said that the German retailer was the “clear leader for value for money.”

Curiously, grocery prices at Coles and Woolworths are evenly matched, with just 75 cents separating the final grocery bill when purchasing the same items.

In the four surveys on supermarket pricing conducted by the watchdog since 2015, Aldi has consistently been cheaper, something that Managing Director Jordan Lack says is no huge shock.

“We take our role as Australia’s most affordable supermarket seriously and every day, every element of our business is oriented around how we can continue to deliver on our ambition to provide high-quality groceries at the lowest possible price.”

Mystery shoppers purchased the same pantry staples at the likes of Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, and IGA to compare prices. (Credit: CHOICE)

While in previous years these reports have been released sporadically, they will now be released every three months after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced an urgent review into the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct in February.

“This work is all about how do we make our supermarkets as competitive as they can be, so that Australians can get the best deal possible whether they be the providers, or of course the consumers at the checkout,” he shared with ABC radio that same month.

Given the ongoing cost of living crisis, CHOICE says that their “regular examination of prices across the country will not only help hold supermarkets to account but also help shoppers save money on their groceries.”

More and more Australians are turning to Aldi amidst the soaring cost of living (and groceries). (Credit: Getty)

What is the most expensive supermarket in Australia?

IGA has been identified as Australia’s most expensive supermarket for 2024. Given each store is independently owned and operated, prices of grocery items differ greatly, and thus make IGA difficult to compare to its competitors.

Despite this, Choice still ascertained that “the cost of shopping at IGA was substantially higher than that at Coles and Woolworths.”

Are groceries more expensive in regional and rural areas?

Curiously, the research indicated that those living outside of capital cities are saving an average of 70c per basket on their groceries than their metropolitan counterparts.

What state has the most expensive groceries in Australia?

According to Choice, residents of Tasmania and the Northern Territory frequently pay more for their groceries as they don’t have the option to shop at Aldi.

Despite having almost 600 stores across the country, ALDI’s Chief Executive Office Anna McGrath revealed in February that there was “no current plan” to expand the business to the final two areas of Australia where it doesn’t have a presence.

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