Terri Irwin finds love in Tasmania!

The island has long been the apple of her eye.
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Tasmania is best known as a place to reconnect with nature, so it’s little wonder wildlife warrior Terri Irwin has put the impossibly beautiful island at the top of her favourite places on earth.

Now, after decades spent visiting the Apple Isle on holidays with her late husband Steve and their two children Bindi and Robert, Terri is preparing to shift her family’s conservation efforts down south.

irwin family
The Irwin family are incredibly close-knit. (Credit: Instagram)

Recently, Terri, 59, was spotted boarding a flight to Hobart with her entire clan in tow – including Bindi’s husband Chandler and daughter Grace. According to a family source, it’s believed they plan to be away for at least four weeks.

“Judging by all the luggage it looks like Terri might be already looking at setting up more permanent digs!” suggests the source.

“A month down there gives them enough time to meet with local conservation authorities on what they are planning long-term.

“Terri’s dream vision will see a similar project to Australia Zoo but with a more traditional wildlife ambience without the theme park vibe – and she will spend more and more time in Tassie while Bindi and Chandler slowly take over the operation of things in Queensland,” the source explains.

robert irwin
The Irwin clan, especially Rob, already view Tasmania as their second home. (Credit: Getty)

As for Robert, it’s thought that he will likely spend time in Tasmania helping his mother establish their new venture as he juggles many incoming TV offers.

Another clue pointing to their possible relocation is Robert’s new appointment as an ambassador for Discover Tasmania. His debut campaign showcases Robert’s deep love for all things wild in Tasmania, and it’s also pointed out that he’s been exploring the island since he was “knee-high to a grasshopper”.

“It’s always had such an incredibly special place in my heart, and in the hearts of my entire family,” Robert, says in the campaign “I feel like I could just spend a lifetime exploring here.”

steve irwin terri irwin
The next 20 years could look drastically different for the Irwin clan, as Terri continues her late husband’s legacy in Tasmania. (Credit: Getty)

But it seems another reason Bindi and Robert are keen for their mum to head down south is so she can find love again.

“One thing Tasmania is not short of is handsome rangers!” explains the source. “She turns 60 next month Bindi and Robert would love their mum to finally meet someone amazing – what better place than in the Tasmanian wilderness!

“Terri is a smart businesswoman and knows Tasmania is one of the greatest sustainable tourism destinations on the planet. If she can have the best of both worlds – a new love and a new business venture – then the next 20 years could look very different for her. Bindi and Robert just want their mum to be happy – and judging by the smiles she’s well on the way!”

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