Hugh Jackman moves to London for love

The actor is ready to move on after his shock split.
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Hugh Jackman has made a welcome return to London to film his new movie, Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Movie, and it turns out, he could be eyeing a permanent move.

A source tells New Idea that the Aussie actor is keen to spend more time in London.

“He wants to be closer to his mum and sister who are based there – and possibly to find love again,” our insider explains.

Now that the dust has settled on his separation from wife Deborra-lee Furness, and his two children Oscar and Ava are all grown up, Hugh, 55, is having a think about what he wants next in life.

Of course, he still loves to work, especially in the UK, but our insider says he would also love to focus on more charitable endeavours – and he is hoping to have someone by his side when he does it.

hugh jackman and sister zoe
Hugh enjoys time with his sister Zoe in London. (Instagram)

“Hugh personally is not a careerist and he’d be fine if all the stardom went away tomorrow,” says our source.

“He really wants to find somebody who can help him make the world a better place and put the good will he’s earned after 25 years in Hollywood to work for something more than his personal stardom.”

The actor has seen the positive influence British lawyer Amal Clooney has had on his close pal George, and sources say a smart Brit like that could be just what Hugh’s on the hunt for.

“He needs an Amal Clooney type and he knows it – somebody who doesn’t eat, drink and breathe show business 24/7 and who actually thinks about the bigger picture the way Hugh does,” adds the source.

“As busy as Hugh has been the last six months, the hunt is finally on for somebody new. He is committed to branching outside of his entertainment industry bubble to find somebody he can spend the rest of his life with, and who can help him put his fortune to good use around the world.”

hugh jackman with amal clooney and george clooney
Our source says Hugh needs “an Amal Clooney type”. (Getty)

If that means spending more time in the UK, Hugh is more than happy to do so as he has always had an affinity for England, which is no doubt inspired by the fact his mum Grace is British born.

She returned to the country with Hugh’s sisters Zoe and Sonya following her separation from his dad, Christopher.

Over the years, Hugh has tried to remain close to his British-based family, and is understood to be making the most of his time in the UK by catching up with them.

Hugh’s own ties with the nation also go way back, with the actor undertaking a gap year at Uppingham School in Rutland as a teaching assistant.

He also scored his first international big break playing Curly in the Royal National Theatre’s production of Oklahoma! in 1998.

hugh jackman with deborra-lee furness
Deborra-lee and Hugh split in 2023. (Getty)

The most telling signal that Hugh is considering an extended stay in the UK is that the Wolverine star recently posted on social media about the National Theatre, with some industry sources saying he could be looking at a return to the London stage.

This of course would keep him in the country a bit longer and give him plenty of time to search for his new dream woman.

After nearly 27 years of marriage, Hugh and Deborra-lee shocked the world when they announced their split in 2023.

“Our journey now is shifting and we have decided to separate to pursue our individual growth,” they said in a joint statement.

The pair appear to have remained on amicable terms throughout the separation.

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