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Daryl Somers “inhabits a private universe” with his wife Julie

“You won’t hear much from me in the media."
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Daryl Somers has held prime real estate on our screens from some time now. From Hey Hey It’s Saturday, to Family Feud, to Dancing With The Stars, the presenter certainly has a few bullet points to his resume.

While his vivacious personality beams through the screen, when the cameras stop rolling the media star remains quiet about his personal life.

“After this, you won’t hear much from me in the media,” Daryl once told The Age during a rare interview in 2004.

True to his word, the presenter has kept a tight-lid on his life away from the screen, sprinkling breadcrumbs of information for public consumption.

daryl somers wife julie da costa
Daryl Somers keeps a tight lid on his private life. (Credit: Getty)

For example, we know that the DWTS host is married to former senior dancer with the Australian Ballet, Julie da Costa.

They reportedly have three kids, two adoptive daughters and one biological son.

The couple have also appeared together in the 2002 and 2003 productions of the Australian Ballet School’s The Nutcracker at Melbourne’s Myer Music Bowl, portraying the roles of Clara’s parents.

For the former show, a review in The Age spoke about how the performers were “having a ball hamming it up” in their roles.

daryl somers hey hey its saturday
Daryl was once the host of Hey Hey It’s Saturday. (Credit: Nine)

Apart from these sprinkles of insights into Daryl’s relationship, the celebrity prefers to keep his personal cards close to his chest.

His former Hey Hey co-star Red Symons even told The Age that Daryl “inhabits a private universe”.

Despite this, the presenter did speak candidly about his upbringing with the same publication, revealing sweet details about his now-departed father and their shared love of Aussie Rules’ Geelong Football Club.

In 1989, when Geelong made the grand final, the Family Feud star wanted to honour his dad.

daryl somers sonia kruger
Daryl Somers and Sonia Kruger co-host Dancing With The Stars. (Credit: Getty)

“This is the day I was going to pay Dad back,” he told the publication. “We’ll watch the thirds, the seconds, then the firsts. Well, the thirds lost by one point, the seconds lost by two points and the firsts lost by six points. We were devastated, as every Geelong person was.”

Two years later, Daryl’s dad sadly passed from cancer.

With similarly fond memories of his mum, the presenter spoke of the moment when six-year-old Daryl told his mum his dreams of one day having a farm.

“I don’t know why I said this,” Daryl recalled the conversation. “‘When I’m older and you’re older, I’ll be able to wheel you around the farm’. She’s no longer with us. I’m not wheeling her anywhere now.”

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