A look inside Angelina Jolie’s sad double life

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Angelina Jolie has always been something of a lone ranger, but she’s been shying away from company more than ever of late. As she focuses on her kids, legal battles, and work, there is little room in her life for anything else – and she’s starting to feel the isolation.

Fresh off her Tony win last week for co-producing the musical The Outsiders, the star is now turning her attention to more awards glory, with her upcoming movie Maria.

Ange dreads the day when all her kids will have to move out. (Credit: Media Mode)

Ange, 49, plays legendary opera singer Maria Callas, and pundits expect she’ll be in the conversation for next year’s Best Actress Oscars race. However, Ange’s unsavoury reputation compared to the Teflon-like one of her ex-husband Brad Pitt, 60 – plus the fact she doesn’t have many cheerleaders in her corner – could make that tricky.

“Angelina is in a weird spot right now as she gets ready to roll out this Callas movie,” shares a source close to the situation.

“She’s trying to lay low while staying connected to the movie business in Los Angeles and letting people know that she is in the Oscars race this year, without appearing too cocky or arrogant. She’s proud of the movie and her work in it.

“But she knows she has to steer clear of her haters and the Brad Pitt loyalists she’s constantly crossing paths with as she quietly beats the drum for this movie.”

Her new film Maria already has Oscars buzz. (Credit: Supplied)

It’s especially hard, adds the insider, because Ange doesn’t have a mob of well-connected A-list girlfriends who can help spread the word about her performance.

“She has her business team and the kids, and that’s pretty much all she has to work with right now,” says the source.

So intent is Angelina on nabbing her second Oscar, our source says that even getting into a new relationship seems “like a bridge too far for her”.

“Introducing any other variables into that equation would be a distraction,” adds the source.

“It’s been 24 years since she won for Girl, Interrupted and she’s hungry to get back in the game. She’s resigned to the fact that if she’s going to make it all the way to the Oscars, she’s basically going to be doing it alone.”

Ange is now halfway to EGOT status, just needing a Grammy and Emmy. (Credit: Getty)

What’s more, with three of her six children having already flown the nest, Ange is conscious that the clock is ticking, and that time will come soon enough when she’ll be by herself more and more.

Adds the source, “That will leave Angelina totally alone and she’s absolutely dreading it more than anything.”

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