The subtle gesture that proves Kate and Meghan are NOT feuding

The moment was caught on film!

For months, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have been battling rumours of a “rift” in their relationship.

Over Christmas, as the pair walked side-by-side in Sandringham, rumours continued to swirl as the pair allegedly looked “tense” according to body language experts. 

(Credit: Getty)

Expert Judi James told Daily Mail said of Kate and Meghan, “It reminds me of political body language. The kind of thing politicians do when they’re walking with other heads of state and want to show some signs of rapport or unity.”

But, a video that has surfaced online shows a subtle gesture that proves the pair are not feuding. 

The footage shows Meghan talking to fans during the Royal Family’s walkabout. The pregnant duchess then goes over and holds her position to wait for Kate. 

Meghan is then seen placing her hand on Kate’s back so the pair move together down the road. 

The subtle gesture was picked up by fans, who believe it proves the royal pair are really friends. 

According to reports, prior to Christmas day the Queen and Prince Charles made it clear that any rift between the two duchesses must be kept out of the public eye as they arrived together at the St Mary Magdalene Church. 

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