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The one pantry essential that Khanh Ong can’t live without

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Whether he’s cooking up a storm in a commercial kitchen or whipping a dish at home for his friends and family, Khanh Ong always plates up a mouthwatering meal. 

To do this, he relies on his own culinary skill set, recipe repertoire and a “game-changing” pantry product that he uses in just about everything he makes.

Enter the Continental Stock Pot Sensations, a premade rich, concentrated stock that has been reduced down to a jelly that can be simply stirred through any chosen dish until dissolved to provide a rich flavour boost.

Removing the need for liquid stock, this quick and easy product not only expands the way stock can be used but allows users to elevate their meals with minimal fuss.

Khanh has described the Continental Stock Pots as “game-changing.” IMAGE: Continental Food

According to the two-time MasterChef contestant, he uses the Continental Stock Pots in everything from “pasta sauces, to soups, to stews and even marinades.”

“They are so versatile,” Khanh tell us.

“You use the stock pots how you would use a liquid stock but you are controlling the amount of liquid that is in it [your dish]. With a stock pot, you are only adding what you need.”

Describing the stock pots as “the one thing that will always live in [his] pantry,” Khanh says he “chucks a couple in every dish” that he makes. 

Currently, there are four flavours available: Beef, Chicken, Vegetable and Chicken Salt Reduced. 

Khanh was a contestant on I’m A Celebrity…Get me Out Of Here! Australia in 2024. IMAGE: Channel Ten

For Khanh, the beef stock pot is his favourite due to how “deep in flavour” it is. 

“What they’ve [Continental] have done really well is condense a stock without making it too salty,” the recent I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Australia contestant added.

Readers will also be surprised to know that despite his celebrity chef stardom, the Continental ambassador often uses premade stocks in his cooking. 

“The stock pots have become a lifesaver for me. They are so useful and are so tasty.”

When his Continental ambassadorship was first announced in mid-2023, Khanh said he was thrilled to be working with the company and “show people how they can jam more flavour into food using accessible, high-quality ingredients.”

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