Gogglebox’s the Dalton’s: Holly picked up by police

The much-loved family dish on their time on the show.

They are the picture-perfect family but mum, Kate Dalton, 50, admits appearing on the television with two teenage girls was tough. “It wasn’t always easy earlier on,” says Kate. “A 15-year-old on the couch is not that easy.”

But now the girls, Millie, 20, and Holly, 18, are adults, they cherish their time together. “We definitely wouldn’t see the girls as much,” she says. “Gogglebox brings us together.”

The show has also allowed the family to discuss different topics. Like the time when Holly snuck out of home at night and turned up again with the police.

“It came up as a discussion when we saw someone get taken away in the back of a police van on the show,” dad Matt, 52, says. “But, the problem was that we hadn’t told the kids’ grandparents.”

Unfortunately, they happened to be watching. “Within 30 seconds of it airing, our phones rang,” laughs Matt. “Both grandparents were like, ‘that’s disgraceful’. It was a genuinely embarrassing moment.”

This article originally appeared on WHO

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