US report: Suri’s ‘secret plea to missing dad Tom Cruise’

The 12-year-old tween heartbreakingly asks: When can I see you?

When Suri Cruise stepped out for her twelfth birthday at Six Flags amusement park with mother Katie Holmes, the beaming tween look as happy as could be. But, as usual, there was one person missing from the celebration – her father, Tom Cruise.

With each passing birthday, sources tell Star magazine, Suri’s heartache grows too. 

‘Like any little girl, her greatest wish is for her father to be there, and now she’s been disappointed again,’ a friend told Star.

Star’s report claims the 54-year-old actor hasn’t seen his daughter in 1,965 days, and has ‘been absent for one milestone after another.’

They add, ‘That would be painful for any child, and you have to wonder what kind of emotional toll it’s taking on Suri.’

Suri celebrated her 12th birthday with mum Katie Holmes
Suri celebrated her 12th birthday with mum Katie Holmes (Credit: Getty)

According to Star, Katie has tried to explain Tom’s absence by telling Suri that her dad’s crazy moviemaking schedule leaves him little time to jet back and forth for visits.

A source said, ‘Now that Suri’s older, that story may not fly anymore.’ 

Many believe Tom’s inability to see his daughter is due to his fierce commitment to the Church of Scientology, which requires its members to ‘disconnect’ from friends and family who leave the faith. 

Psychologist, Dr. Cara Gardenswartz, told Star that Tom’s decision to not see his daughter would be ‘psychologically devastating.’ 


‘Suri may feel it’s because she’s not good enough,’ Dr. Gardenswartz claims. ‘A child’s experience between 8 and 12 is really going to impact them as a teen and as an adult. 

‘They’re figuring out their sexuality, as well as relationships between men and women. Not having a parent around – especially a girl missing her father – can be quite confusing. 

‘It’s a hole that can never be filled.’

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