It’s on! Meet the My Kitchen Rules 2022 contestants

The new season will be bigger and better than ever as the teams turn up the heat!
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My Kitchen Rules is back and bigger than ever, with Nigella Lawson and Manu Feildel travelling the country to uncover Australia’s best home cooks. 

WATCH BELOW: First look at My Kitchen Rules 2022

Returning to Channel 7 after the Commonwealth Games, MKR will once again showcase incredible home cooks competing and creating dishes together.  

After two long years, the show is returning with new judge Nigella Lawson alongside fan favourite Manu. 

In a statement, Nigella shared her excitement for this season of My Kitchen Rules, adding that she is “so looking forward” to working alongside Manu as co-host for the series. 

“Although he’s a chef and I’m a home cook, the fact is we both just want to eat good food.” 

“I feel I’ve got a lot to learn from him, but just know we’ll have a lot of fun in the process. I can’t wait!”

Let’s meet the 2022 MKR teams as we gear up for the premiere.

Group One

Alice and Peter
Alice and Peter (Credit: Seven)

Alice, 31, and Peter, 56, – Father-daughter duo

Working together in the family café, Alice and Peter stand by the ethos that there is always “room for one more” at the family dinner table – but that doesn’t mean they don’t bicker in the kitchen. 

“That’s always how we show we love each other. Food is family. Food is love.”

“Being with loved ones and sharing food and stories is the most wonderful thing about my upbringing” explains Alice. 

In a sneak peak, Alice reveals that the relationship between the Victorian father and daughter can be tumultuous at times. 

“We are very similar in our approach to everything, which is why we often butt heads.”

“We are both very dramatic, so things often blow up in an epic way.”

Janelle and Monzir
Janelle and Monzir (Credit: Seven)

Janelle, 27, and Monzir, 26, – Loved-up couple

Drawing on their blended Turkish/Cypriot and Sudanese heritage, this NSW couple have a unique set of skills – and very different opinions.  

Whilst Monzir is the king of the BBQ, Janelle, who is dubbed by friends the “Kardashian of cakes” brings an attention to detail and presentation. 

Janelle, who runs a successful cake decorating business also concedes to an added stress this season brought: The couple have not yet announced their relationship to their families 

We didn’t actually tell our families that we were dating before coming on MKR,” confesses Janelle.

“We just decided to go on TV and announce it to everybody!” 

Kate and Mary
Kate and Mary (Credit: Seven)

Kate, 38, and Mary, 57, – High achieving friends

Queensland health care workers and friends Kate and Mary like the finer things in life and don’t believe in wasting time on bad food. 

The two friends bring a simple, no-fuss approach to their cooking and a passion for high-end, premium ingredients.

Kate and Mary aren’t afraid to give constructive criticism, with Mary explaining, “If I don’t like someone’s food, I won’t be able to hide it. I’m absolutely gagging for some high-intensity cooking and the chance to critique some of my fellow contestants’ dishes.”

“By nature we are high achievers; that’s how our friendship formed,” self-confessed food snob Kate explains.

Mat and Ashlee
Ashlee and Mat (Credit: Seven)

Ashlee, 36, and Mat, 39 – Foodie Parents 

Western Australian husband and wife team Ashlee and Mat have an eclectic taste in food and believe they’re a perfect combination of “loud and quiet, bossy and chill, fast and slow, so we balance each other out,” explains Ashlee.

While Ashlee is a speedy cooker, Mat takes things a bit slower in the kitchen, joking that his “wife is the leader!” 

“My kids are such foodies; I feel like they’re judging me every night, so the professionals might as well judge me,” Ashlee jokes.

Arrnott and Fuzz
Arnott and Fuzz (Credit: Seven)

Arrnott, 44, and Fuzz, 34 – Fashionista friends

These New South Wales besties and coworkers are drawn together by their love of cooking, food, creativity and fashion. 

Calling themselves the “fabulous Fijians” both Arrnott and Fuzz have grown up surrounded by family who love to eat and love to cook seafood. 

The pair learned to cook from family members and are keen to showcase their Fijian heritage on this season of MKR. 

“I don’t think many people know much about Fijian food, so we’d love to introduce them to it,” Arrnott says. 

“Food is at the centre whenever we gather, whether to celebrate or commiserate. It’s how we express love.”

Steven and Fresna
Steven and Frena (Credit: Seven)

Steven, 31 and Frena, 25 – Engaged Couple

This South Australian couple grew up between Singapore and Malaysia and love a wide range of cuisines. 

The loved-up pair combine their food backgrounds to create curry pastes, pasta and condiments from scratch. 

“As a teenager watching MKR in Malaysia, I never thought my skills would match up, but having a supportive partner means a lot,” Frena explained.

Group Two

Che and David
Che and David (Credit: Seven)

Che, 43, and David, 35 – Chilli Mates 

WA mates Che and David met on the “chilli scene” and quickly bonded, with Che owning a hot sauce company and David a big name in the competitive chilli-eating world. 

Che is also a coeliac, so learning how to cook was imperative: “I love to make all meals gluten free to show people you can make gluten free food taste good.”

Rosie and Hayley
Rosie and Haylee (Credit: Seven)

Rosie, 53, and Hayle, 29 – Aunt and niece 

This aunty and niece duo from Queensland grew closer with age and love cooking casual Italian meals for friends and family.

Hayley believes her best recipe is her Bolognese, explaining that her friends beg her to cook the crowd favourite. 

“It’s my grandma’s recipe and makes me proud to be able to cook something from my culture and do it justice.”

Matt and KT
Matt and KT (Credit: Seven)

Matt, 36, and KT, 33 – Best friends 

Since meeting at a friend’s 18th birthday party, this Victorian duo have been inseparable and are passionate about using Australian native ingredients. 

Matt grew up as a proud Yamaji man from the Gascoyne region in WA and says his go-to meal for guests would be Kangaroo, whilst KT would opt for a crispy skin salmon.

Leanne and Milena
Leanne and Milena (Credit: Seven)

Leanne, 50, and Milena, 52 – Italian sisters 

Best friends and sisters Leanne and Milena learnt to cook from their mum and love “easy Italian” cooking. 

The Victorian team also make their own salami, pancetta, olives and pasta. 

“As a child, I learned to make delicious Italian cuisine and make salamis, sauce, olives and bread,” Leanne explains.

“I was always visiting the kitchens of restaurants to watch the chefs.”

Nicky and Jose
Nicky and Jose (Credit: Seven)

Nicky, 46, and Jose, 51 – Spanish Foodies 

Fitness fanatics Nicky and Jose met on the dancefloor six years ago and have been together ever since. 

Influenced by their mixed Spanish, Polish and German heritage, the South Australian couple have a solid background in the food and hospitality industry. 

“I’m the alpha, he has a very calm and easy-going attitude. I’m very loud and I find it hard to sit still. As they say, opposites attract!” Nicky explains.

Sophie and Katherine
Sophie and Katherine (Credit: Seven)

Sophie, 53, and Katherine, 53 – Posh friends

Business partners and friends Katherine and Sophie met 18 years ago and own a successful food service company, delivering ready-to-eat meals. 

The NSW team enjoy cooking and laughing together over a glass of wine or two. 

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