MAFS stars Jules and Cam confirm they are expecting their first child

Congratulations to the happy couple.
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Married At First Sight stars Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have announced they are expecting their first child.

The reality-TV stars – who recently said their official ‘I dos’ in a special televised event- revealed to Stellar magazine that they are 16 weeks along.

SEE IT: MAFS star Jules shows off her GROWING baby bump

“We were so excited and just kept repeating to each other “two lines, two lines” [on the test]. It definitely didn’t sink in straight away,” said Cam.

Meanwhile 37-year-old Jules revealed the pregnancy test had initially come out as negative, making the news even more of a surprise. 

“I knew because I felt so sick. I went to make some food and I was so hungry. I was cutting it up and I just got waterfalls, and I was like, “Oh, I don’t feel right.” I did the test straight away and it was negative,” revealed the businesswoman.”

She continued: “I was with Cam at the time and, for some reason, I just left it on the side of the bathroom bench. I could have thrown it in the bin, but I just thought, “No I’m going to hold on to that.” I really don’t know why I felt that. So I took a shower and when I got out it was positive.”

“Once it was all confirmed, I bawled out of pure joy and happiness. To create a baby with the man you love, there is no greater gift, and Cam will be one incredible father.”

However the reality-TV star turned influencer did say that she thought falling pregnant would a lot more difficult given her age.

“I honestly thought it was going to come with a fight,” she said.

“Because of my age, I had done all the hormone testing, the egg count … so much is instilled that you’re going to struggle because of your age … On the flip side, I think my saving grace was because all my focus was on launching my Figur shapewear line, it wasn’t the centre of my universe,” 

Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are expecting their first child. (Credit: Getty)

“I wasn’t obsessing over it. And for that, I’m so grateful,” she told the magazine.

Former cricket pro Cam also revealed that things got quite emotional when he found out the happy news.

“I cried, for sure. I was emotional. It’s a big step and I’ve never done this before”.

The pair are the first MAFS couple to wed in real life (Credit: Instagram/Channel 9)

The happy couple also revealed what it’s like being pregnant as the deadly coronavirus pandemic grips the globe.

“You have to let go of control and come together with love, connection and positivity. I’ve had my moments, though; times of sadness, fear, despair and tears, fuelled by hormones. We’re all in this together, though – it has to be OK.” added Jules.

Just hours after announcing the news Cam took to Instagram to show off his wife’s growing baby bump.

Hours after the announcement, Jules’ growing baby bump appeared on her husband’s Instagram page. (Credit: Instagram)

The dad-to-be shared a clip of Jules cooking with some hilarious commentary (watch it above).

“San choy bow is the choice of meal,” Cam told fans.

The happy parents-to-be. (Credit: Instagram)

Talking about his wife’s ability to cut carrots, he added: ‘Textbook chopping, look at that. Her culinary skills are quite impressive if you ask me.’

The glowing mother-to-be can be seen wearing a flowing burgundy and pale blue dress that showed off over her growing baby bump. 

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