Lisa Wilkinson exposes ‘boys club’ in new tell-all memoir

“I’m just not keeping men’s secrets anymore."
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Lisa Wilkinson’s tell-all memoir, It Wasn’t Meant To Be Like This, is highly anticipated around the nation.

According to the journalist, the autobiography is to be a “no stone unturned” deep dive into her life, including moments we’ve “seen in the headlines”. 

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Of course, the main “headline” many minds have been cast back to is Lisa’s departure from the Today show in 2017 after a pay discrepancy between herself and her then co-host, Karl Stefanovic. 

In a recent interview with The Herald Sun, Lisa, 61, clarified that she will be talking about her farewell from Channel Nine four years ago, but she is not trying to start a war with Karl. 

“What’s out there at the moment looks like I am trying to attack Karl, but as you know in the book, that’s not what I’m doing,” Lisa told the publication.

Lisa Wilkinson has said she’s “not keeping men’s secrets anymore”. (Credit: Channel Ten)

The Project host continued: “I’m just not keeping men’s secrets anymore. I think, as women, when we do that all we do is strengthen the boys’ club and we do women a disservice.”

Lisa also explained that she waited four years to pen her story so she wouldn’t share her perspective in anger.

In 2017, Lisa’s abrupt departure from the Today show shocked viewers everywhere. After her reported requests to be paid the same amount as Karl were denied, Lisa announced her resignation from the morning show before heading over to rival Network Ten to present on The Project.

The massive news was announced via a Tweet to Lisa’s personal Twitter account on October 16th, 2017.

Lisa and Karl used to co-host The Today Show before Lisa left to present on The Project due to a pay discrepancy. (Credit: Instagram)

“I have some news,” the now-61-year-old began her post, “I’m sad to say that today was my last day on @thetodayshow,” before attaching a statement from Channel Nine.

The statement in question claimed that the Network was “unable to meet the expectations of Lisa” and would be “going in another direction”.

Upon Lisa’s departure, Karl bid her farewell, confessing he was “shocked” and it would “take time to sink in”, while also avoiding mentioning his colleague of 10 years’ reasons for leaving.

“For 10 years, Lisa has dragged herself out of bed at 3:30 in the morning, fed the dogs and cats, put a load of washing on and came into work to inform you of what was happening in the world,” Karl said live on air.

“For 10 years, she handled the brutal hours with grace, beauty and intelligence and a wicked sense of humour. For whatever reason she won’t be doing that any more.”

Lisa is releasing a tell-all memoir that is to leave “no stone unturned”. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Since then, Lisa has been hosting The Project on Sundays alongside Hamish Macdonald and Tommy Little. 

She first announced her tell-all memoir back in July. 

“In it, I’ve completely opened up on things I’ve never talked about before, not even with some of my closest girlfriends,” Lisa said in a statement at the time.

“I share the roller coaster ride of joys, and sadnesses, the pinch-myself moments, and the hard lessons I’ve had to learn along the way.”

You can preorder Lisa’s memoir for currently $33.50 via Booktopia.

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