Grannie Gram: Lisa Curry’s sweetest moments with her grandchildren

Her camera is always ready for some memory-making.
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She may be a swimming champion, but it’s clear that Lisa Curry counts her grandchildren as a greater achievement.

There’s rarely a day that the former Olympic swimmer isn’t doting over the three boys – Flynn, six, Taj, three and Kit, two.

Lisa, 62, became a grandmother in March 2018 when her daughter Morgan welcomed her first son, Flynn, with her partner Ryan Gruell. 

It didn’t take long for the I’m A Celeb alum to revel in the news with her fans. From day one, she’s been a constant source of bub updates.

Two years later, Lisa was equally overjoyed to welcome a second grandson, Taj, and a third named Kit in May 2022.

In honour of the adorable brood, we’ve taken a look back at some of the cutest moments between Lisa Curry and her grandchildren .

lisa curry grandchild flynn
Flynn is born. (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa was a bundle of emotion when she announced her first grandson Flynn’s arrival on 19 March 2018.

“My beautiful baby made this beautiful baby. 😊,” Lisa captioned an adorable picture of the sleeping newborn.

“Congratulations @morgangruell and Ryan for this little bundle of joy, even though he sleeps most of the time still! 2 weeks old and Flynn is completely adorable 💙💙.”

lisa curry mother pat and grandchild flynn
Oldest and youngest. (Credit: Instagram)

In a touching cross-generational photo of Lisa’s now-departed mother Pat, and her eldest grandson Flynn, Lisa paid tribute to the-then “oldest and youngest members of (her) family” on 19 December 2018.

“Little Flynn and my beautiful mum Pat,” she wrote. “I find it amazing to be a Grannie…. Must be incredible to be a great grandma… All the more reason to look after ourselves 😊.”

lisa curry grant kenny with grandchild flynn
Time with grandad. (Credit: Instagram)

Emphasising the amicable nature of their split, Lisa and her ex-husband Grant Kenny are a constant united front when it comes to their family.

On 23 June 2019, the pair reunited for one of many play-dates with their grandson. 

“Grannie and Pa having a play with our gorgeous Flynn 💙💙,” Lisa penned alongside a photo of the trio at the time.

lisa curry puppy mali and grandson flynn
Puppy love. (Credit: Instagram)

The former Olympian introduced her pup Mali to a very smiley Flynn on 16 July 2020.

“When Flynn met Mali💙🌸🐶🤎 #bff #mali #puppylove #puppyspam,” Lisa wrote alongside the sweet memory.

lisa curry grandson taj as a baby
Taj is born. (Credit: Instagram)

On 5 November 2020, the former swimmer was blessed with a second grandson named Taj.

Announcing his safe arrival on Instagram, Lisa shared a sweet photo of the sleeping new-born in a striped onesie.

“IT’S A BOY💙💙💙💙💙💙,” the grandmother-of-two wrote at the time. 

“Taj Grant Gruell arrived safely into this world last Thursday, 5th November 2020, 8lb 4oz (for the oldies like me who can relate better to pounds!!)

“A beautiful second son for my Morgan and Ryan and little bro for Flynn …. baby spam coming 🥰 Congratulations Morgan, Ryan and Flynn xxxxxx.”

lisa curry gives grandson taj swimming lessons
Like mother, like grandson. (Credit: Instagram)

It was only natural that the former Olympic swimmer document Taj’s first time in the pool.

Posting a photo of an excitable looking bub in a blue swimsuit on 27 March 2021, Lisa wrote: “Taj has started swimming lessons …. little cutie 🥰 He can’t wait to get going !!”

jett kenny flynn and taj
Lisa’s three boys. (Credit: Instagram)

The proud mother and grandmother captured the moment her then three boys, including her son Jett Kenny and Flynn and Taj, embraced in a group hug.

“The boys….. 💙💙💙🥰,” Lisa penned. “So much cuteness in one photo 🥰🥰🥰 @jettkenny @morgangruell @ryan.gruell xxx.”

lisa curry grandson flynn mother's day with makeup and rhinestones on their faces
Makeover time. (Credit: Instagram)

On Mother’s Day 2021, Lisa got crafty with her eldest grandson, putting some colourful rhinestones and make-up to good use.

Sharing a photo of the end result, the former reality star wrote: “I spent morning tea at kindy with my boo boo for Mother’s/Grannies Day where we did lots of fun activities… including hair and make up !! Thank you Flynn ❤️🥰😍.”

A walk in the park. (Credit: Instagram)

Cherishing family time, Lisa was overjoyed to go exploring with her daughter Morgan and her sons on 17 May 2021.

“A new walking track on our property to enjoy nature, birds, kangaroos…even a koala sometimes,” she captioned a family photo. “A great run for the doggies too 🤗🙏🏻👍🌼 Thanks @mark66andrew 🥰.”

lisa curry grandchildren in jaimi's garden
Jaimi’s garden. (Credit: Instagram)

In a bittersweet moment, Lisa captured her two grandsons enjoying time in the garden dedicated to her late daughter, Jaimi, on 7 December 2021.

“The little boo boos love playing in Jaimis garden,” Lisa penned. “A fun weekend with Grannie and Markypa.

“There’s always so much to do outside, getting dirty, playing in nature, throwing balls, feeding ducks… makes sleep time easy!😍💙💙😍.”

lisa curry with her sleeping grandchildren
New Year’s eve. (Credit: Instagram)

Ending the year with a characteristically sweet tribute to “unconditional love”, Lisa posted an adorable shot of herself, Flynn, and Mali embracing in a group cuddle on 31 December 2021.

“The best New Year’s Eve. Surrounded by unconditional love,” the former Olympian penned. “That’s a wrap on 2021. Here’s hoping for a brighter 2022. See you next year x🌸💙🥰🐾.”

lisa curry with her grandchildren
Preparing for a third. (Credit: Instagram)

In the lead up to becoming a grandmother-of-three, Lisa shared this touching photo with Flynn and Taj in February 2022.

Planting a kiss on the eldest’s forehead and embracing the littlest one, the celeb wrote: “Grannie and her little boo boos. Not long to go and there will be 3! 💙😍💙.”

lisa curry and grandson flynn
Flynn turns four. (Credit: Instagram)

Ever the doting grandma, Lisa paid tribute to her eldest grandson, Flynn, on his fourth birthday on 6 March 2022.

Sharing a series of photos of the birthday boy, including one of him attempting to extinguish some sparklers with his breath, the former athlete wrote: “Flynn is trying so hard to blow out the ‘candles’ .

“Happy 4th birthday to our little boo boo. We love you little one🥰💙💙💙

“Family is everything.”

lisa curry grandchildren
Happy Easter. (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa relished in granny time over the 2022 Easter long weekend, sharing a series of family snaps on the Sunshine Coast. 

“How was your Easter?” she asked her followers. “Mine was so much fun… my heart melts with these little boys 🥰 and my beautiful Momo xx 💙🥰💙.”

lisa curry grandson kit
Two grandsons became three in May 2022. (Credit: Instagram)

Delighted by her growing family, Lisa was overjoyed to announce the safe arrival of another beautiful grandson in May 2022.

“It’s a boy! 💙💙💙,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “3 beautiful boys for my Morgan and Ryan.

“Kit James Gruell 🥰

“Welcome to the world little one 👶🏻.”

lisa curry grandson taj
Happy Birthday to Taj! (Credit: Instagram)

The loving grandmother marked her second grandson’s second birthday in November 2022.

Sharing this adorable photo of Taj beaming in shark swimmers, Lisa wrote: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAJ 🎂 2 today !! Grannie loves you 💙💙💙.”

lisa curry with her grandson kit
Kit is growing up so fast. (Credit: Instagram)

Time flew for Lisa and, before she know it, her youngest grandson was ready for the Olympics (well, nearly).

In November 2022, she wrote: “The way this Kit is growing, crawling, rolling, push ups and nearly sitting… he’ll be at the Olympics in no time !!!😂 💙.”

lisa curry with her grandchildren flynn taj and kit in the back of a van
Family road trip time? (Credit: Instagram)

To mark Easter 2023, Lisa captured this sweet memory of her three boys all smiles in the back of the family van.

“Grannie and the littlest boys 💙💙💙 Happy Easter everyone 🐣,” she shared.

lisa curry's grandchildren flynn taj and kit hugging on a set of stairs
Brotherly love. (Credit: Instagram)

Eldest boy Flynn embraced his younger brothers in a sweet hug, and Lisa was overjoyed at capturing the sweet memory.

“My baby girls baby boys … soooo cute !!💙💙💙,” the proud grandmother wrote in June 2023.

lisa curry and her grandchildren taj and kit
Lisa with her youngest grandchildren. (Credit: Instagram)

Her youngest boys were all smiles as they sat on gran’s lap for their school’s grandparent’s day.

“Having fun with the little boys at Grandparents Day,” the former Olympian penned in October 2023.

lisa curry attends grandson flynn's final day of prep school
The proud grandmother attended Flynn’s final day of prep school. (Credit: Instagram)

In what was sure to be a bittersweet milestone, Lisa marked Flynn’s final fay of prep school in December 2023.

“Last day of prep for this little guy, who can now read, write and spell,” she wrote.

“He’s loved his year, made lots of friends and excited now for the school holidays …

“Thank you to his wonderful prep teachers – Miss S and Miss W- absolute gems 💎.”

lisa curry gives her grandchildren hot wheel cars
We think Kit might be a bit excited about the present. (Credit: Instagram)

Always spoiling her grandkids, Lisa surprised the boys with hot wheels in June 2024.

And if Kit’s face is anything to go by, we think the presents went down a treat.

“When granny visits with a surprise.” she penned at the time. “Close your eyes and open up your hands. Hotwheel cars 🚗 💙💙.”

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