Kate Ritchie: What I think of Home and Away’s new star

The soap star alum weighs in on Summer Bay’s newest resident

She was one of Home and Away’s longest serving cast members, and now, Kate Ritchie has weighed in on the soap’s newest cast member, former Bachelorette star Sam Frost.

Speaking on Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty radio show yesterday, the mum-of one stuck up for Sam – who landed the role despite having no previous acting experience – calling critics ‘mean spirited’.


‘There have been a lot of people who have joined that show without any training and some have left without any training,” the 38-year-old, who played Sally Fletcher told listeners.

‘They’ve gone on to do many things or they remain there because it’s a very worthy career in itself.

‘What’s everyone meant to do? Turn down opportunities because they’re worried about what everyone is going to think of it?’

Sam herself took to Instagram yesterday to speak up about her new career path.

‘I am not afraid to challenge myself, to push through barriers,’ she wrote on her Instagram account overnight.

‘I work incredibly hard professionally & personally to constantly grow, learn and evolve.

‘I have chosen to live my life embracing opportunities & challenges with open arms.

‘It may work, it may not … but at least I can say I was brave enough to give it a shot.’

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