Indigenous artist Mitch Tambo receives the final Golden Buzzer on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’

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Sunday night’s episode of Australia’s Got Talent marks the last of the auditions round – meaning one amazing artist will receive the final Golden Buzzer. 

In this episode, we see Indigenous artist Mitch Gambo receive that honour, and he truly deserved it!

WATCH: The incredible moment Indigenous artist Mitch Gambo receives the last Golden Buzzer from the AGT judges”

“I really wanted to show all the young people that you can use all the things that influence you in the contemporary world and in our ancient world, and put them together to celebrate who you are,” Mitch explains.

Mitch Tambo is a 29-year-old Indigenous man who lives in Melbourne but grew up in Tamworth. He explains how his act will encompass his Aboriginal culture and his influences in the modern world he lives in. 

He explains to host Ricki-Lee how he will be performing an original song.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

When judge Shane Jacobson asks Mitch why he came on the show, he explained:

“I just thought it was such a great show to come on to show Australia and the world that our culture is alive, its breathing and it deserves to be showcased in 2019.” 

Mitch’s message of love, peace, and hope is showcased through his incredible performance.

“Honestly dude I really don’t know what just happened to me right now,” Nicole says through tears.

“He is so fearless, and he is so brave and I want to be like him. You really inspire me. I think you’re a true representative of Australia’s beauty and culture and talent”

That’s when Nicole hits the Golden Buzzer, the last one of the season.

We’re all so proud of Mitch!

(Credit: Channel Seven)

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