Andy Lee: “My life without Hamish”

The comedian is stepping out on his own!
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He’s been one half of comedy duo Hamish & Andy for years, but in his latest role, funnyman Andy Lee has given his best mate, Hamish Blake, the flick and is entering The Cube alone.

And as Andy tells New Idea, everything is not as simple as it seems!

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The show is brand new in Australia – what can we expect?

Some intense fun! The challenges are all doable, the kind of things you’d do around the house – memory, reflex, steady-hand and sharp-shooting tests – but the question is: can you do them when you stand to lose $20,000 if you muck it up?

With so much money at stake, emotions are high. How did you find dealing with the contestants who lost?

I went online and purchased myself something to help me deal with live, devastating losses. You’ll see my purchase when you tune in.

andy lee
“I’ve always loved the show and I love skill games.” (Credit: Supplied)

Why did hosting The Cube appeal to you?

I’ve always loved the show and I love skill games. My girlfriend, Bec, will attest to that. Doing the laundry normally turns into some kind of challenge.

How did Bec respond to your decision to host this series?

She loved it. We shot in Sydney, so she was pumped to stay there for a month. We also went out and played the games in the cube together, so I know how she fares and I’m still in negotiations as to whether I’m allowed to post it on social media.

hamish and andy
Hamish (left) and Andy (right) first met in 2001, while in university. (Credit: Supplied)

You’re usually alongside your sidekick, Hamish. How do you feel about flying solo on this project?

It only became a problem when I turned to my right, mid-sentence, and said: “What do you think Hame?” It only happened 54 times

Did he have any advice?

Yep. “Try not to laugh when someone stuffs it up royally, because I know you will.”

The Cube with Andy Lee, premieres Wed. 7.30PM on Ten.

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