This small detail in the Queen’s Christmas address outraged fans

It caused much upset.

The Queen’s Christmas speech this year was as smooth and seamless as ever. That was until fans took to social media to comment on something in the background that left most outraged. 

Focusing on the importance of respect, family and generosity, Her Majesty reminded people to “pull together.” 

The speech was recorded in The White Drawing Room and an elaborate gold piano was seen in the background. 

(Credit: Getty)

Considering the Queen’s formal residence is Buckingham Palace, it shouldn’t come as a shock to many that the decoration and furnishings are elaborate. 

The Queen herself appears to be sitting on a golden embellished chair and the walls are decorated in gold designs. 

But some frustrated viewers took to Twitter, upset at the lavish display of wealth the piano seemed to represent.

Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire weighed in, tweeting that the speech being given in front of such a display of wealth “kills satire by lecturing the need to pull together”.

“Do you see how hard being [the] Queen is now?” commented another user in a tweet suggesting the Queen was out of touch with the poor.

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Others were quick to defend Her Majesty.

“She’s the Queen. You want her in Santa pajamas, drinking cocoa?” one user wrote. 

“Oh no, they’re going to find out the Queen is a wealthy hereditary monarch,” joked another.

“Next year she should do it in a SOLID GOLD HAT,” one added.

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