All-new and indulgent Cadbury Layers launch in Cherry Ripe and Picnic flavours

A twist on the classics.
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Iconic chocolate bars Cherry Ripe and Picnic are at the centre of an all-new launch from Cadbury, and it involves a very modern twist.

WATCH BELOW: Fudgy Cherry Ripe Cookies

Introducing the new Cadbury Layers, in Cherry Ripe and Picnic flavours, which contain three indulgent layers, encased in a domed chocolate shell.

The decadent Cadbury Cherry Ripe Layers and Cadbury Picnic Layers promise to bring consumers an eat experience that will transform any moment into a me-time indulgence.

The new Cadbury Bars range will kick-start the new year, as they hit shelves from January 1st, 2022.

cadbury picnic layers
Cadbury Picnic Layers. (Credit: Supplied)

Cadbury Picnic Layers is filled with layers of gooey caramel, soft peanut
flavoured creme and crunchy peanut pieces encased in a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate shell.

Maintaining the rich Old Gold dark chocolate and the ripe, juicy burst of flavours, it builds on the flavours of this Australian icon to create an enticing bite with a twist.

Meanwhile, Cadbury Cherry Ripe Layers includes layers of iconic Cherry Ripe
flavoured jelly, coconut flavoured creme and coconut pieces encased in an Old Gold dark chocolate shell.

It’s based on the smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with the recognisable peanut and caramel combination that is synonymous with the Cadbury Picnic bar.

cadbury cherry ripe layers
Cadbury Cherry Ripe Layers. (Credit: Supplied)

Paul Chatfield, Vice President, Marketing ANZ said: “We know how much Australians love Cadbury chocolate and we’re excited to introduce Cadbury Cherry Ripe & Picnic Layers, a new range of decadent chocolate bars inspired by the classic flavours we all love, taken to another level of indulgence.”

Cadbury Cherry Ripe Layers and Cadbury Picnic Layers will be available at all leading supermarkets and independent retailers from January 1st, 2022.

Both bars will retail for $2, with the Layers Cherry Ripe at 35 grams and Cadbury Layers Picnic at 34 grams.

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