EXCLUSIVE: Karl Stefanovic tells Michael Clarke: “We’re done, bro!”

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They’ve been mates for more than 10 years, but it seems Karl Stefanovic is done with Michael Clarke after the now infamous Noosa brawl, and has reportedly made it clear there are no second chances.

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“Michael has sent texts to Karl, and another to Jade’s parents. So far, they’ve fallen on deaf ears!” a source reveals.

“Karl’s a man of his word he doesn’t forgive easily.”

Michael was accused of cheating in wild footage (Credit: Daily Telegraph)

All signs point to Michael cheating on Karl’s sister-in-law, even though he denies it. And that’s going to take a lot of healing to come back if indeed they ever will.

“Karl has told Jade that while Michael’s ex Pip Edwards is still in his life, then it can’t end well. Karl wants Jade to cut her losses and get on and meet someone else and let Michael learn his lesson the hard way.”

(Credit: Getty)

In the video, which was first made public by The Daily Telegraph, Jade slaps and pushes Michael to the ground after accusing him of cheating on her with his ex, Pip Edwards.

Jade screams that she saw a text message on Michael’s phone – from Michael to Pip – that said, “You’re the love of my life Pip, come to India.” For context, it’s rumoured that Michael is set to go to India next month to commentate on the Australian Test tour for various television networks.

At one point, Jasmine Yarbrough, Karl’s wife and Jade’s sister, tries to diffuse the situation but Jade insists she and Karl should leave.

Michael can then be heard saying, “Karlos, I can tell you now c**t, don’t you f***ing walk away. She can, she can punch me, but you, you c**t…”

Michael infamously swore on his daughter’s life that he didn’t cheat on Jade (Credit: Instagram)

Michael and Jade, the sister of Karl Stefanovic’s wife Jasmine, confirmed they were dating in August 2022.

It’s unclear whether the pair have split following the Noosa incident.

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