WATCH: Westfield horror caught on film as shoppers scatter

Terrifying scenes
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Shoppers at Parramatta Westfield watched in horror as a group of men started a mass brawl in the middle of a busy street, bringing traffic to a standstill on Tuesday.  


In the terrifying scenes, which were broadcast by 7NEWS, witnesses look on as the fight between two gangs escalates.

At one stage, one man appears to be armed with a knife, shocking onlookers.  

“That one’s got a knife,” a woman is heard saying.

“Yeah look … he’s got a knife in his hand,” another person is heard saying in the video given to 7NEWS.

westfield parramatta fight
(Credit: Channel 7)

The crowd of men continue to fight for several minutes, before one group retreat in their car. 

Another man appears to punch the car before it drives away. 

According to 7NEWS, on Wednesday, one of the men allegedly involved in the mass brawl was taken into custody and was being questioned by officers at Parramatta police station.

He’s expected to be charged and more arrests are expected.

Witnesses should contact police. 

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