Vakoo Kauapirura on confidence after being under society’s “microscope”

“People were so mad..."

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman, and in Vakoo Kauapirura’s new campaign with Berlei Because Intimates this is being celebrated.

WATCH: Ex-Bachelor star Vakoo talks about her relationship with Rachael. Article continues after the video.

“Confidence to me, looks like just being able to be who I am, whatever my mood is that day, wearing what I want, putting a smile on my face,” she exclusively told New Idea.

“And honestly, just feeling what I want to feel for that day without feeling like I’m going to be judged, especially in the industry that I’m in and the life that I live.”

A big part of Vakoo’s collaboration with Berlei is embodying confidence and “celebrating imperfections.”

“The campaign was all about celebrating your body confidence in who you are as a woman and celebrating the things that make you different. It was more about celebrating the imperfections and just feeling really good about yourself,” she said.

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Vakoo first entered the spotlight after appearing on The Bachelor in 2019, at just 23 years old which she admitted “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“It was very intense because I had never been under such an intense microscope,” she confessed. 

“But as a woman, I have my own insecurities. But then when I did TV, people pointing out things about me in comments… I was really surprised to see that people would do that to me.

“People were so mad that I was just black. That was the one thing that was very jarring because people were just mad about the color of my skin.”

The “microscope” continued to follow her as she then appeared on Love Island in 2022, where she felt unattractive “because I wasn’t blonde and blue eyes.”

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After experiencing such “jarring” issues on reality television and moving to Australia, Vakoo was “very harsh” on herself until she recognised her “superpower.”

“From being born in Africa, and then in Namibia, and then moving to England and then moving to Australia. I’ve had like the most jarring experiences going from such different cultures, different ethnicities and seeing myself in different ways.

“I’ve always been very harsh on myself because I didn’t even realize I was different in the way of skin colour. No one ever made me feel different before, I was just like another girl. I never really concentrated on races until I moved to Australia, and I was the only black girl in my school.

“But that’s my superpower and that’s okay.”

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