On-set spy reveals: ‘The Block is all fake!’

What really goes on when the cameras stop rolling?
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Posing for fan selfies, getting glammed up for the cameras and having plenty of time to goof around and have a laugh. Is life on The Block really as tough as it seems?

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These new pictures reveal that The Block contestants’ true experience is a far cry from what’s portrayed on the show, with an on-set spy admitting to New Idea that it’s not all hard yakka.

The Block is a top-rating TV series that runs like a well-oiled machine, but there’s lots of smoke and mirrors,” reveals the anonymous insider.

“And the contestants do very little work.”

the block
Working hard or hardly working? (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

Ultimately, The Block is a reality show, not a renovation project. As a result, the spy explains that the contestants’ primary task is to produce an entertaining program, with the building and renovation work a distant second.

“They are there for TV content, not their building/renovating skills,” confirms the source.

Furthermore, in-show sponsorship and product placement are integral to the show’s financial success.

The insider explains that the contestants are required to take care of these advertising requirements and they are in turn rewarded by having the sponsors do the “heavy lifting”.

the block
“They are there for TV content, not their building/renovating skills.” (Credit: Nine)

“The show is famous for its product placement and plugs for all the companies, who donate everything in return,” dishes the source.

“And the contractors from all the sponsors do the heavy lifting.”

The source adds that this has a knock-on effect to each team’s building budgets, explaining that they’re not as important as the contestants, judges, foremen and hosts make them out to be.

“The budgets for each house really don’t mean anything in the scheme of things due to all the contra deals,” reveals the source.

And if the drama-fuelled action on site sometimes seems a little too concocted or coincidental, the insider hints that perhaps it is …

“The series is plotted within an inch of its life – like a great TV drama or soap opera.

“Each couple has a dedicated producer to feed them dialogue and storylines as directed by the executive producers.”

scott cam
“Scott is rarely on site. They edit his visits in to make it look like he’s there more often.” (Credit: Nine)

Even Scotty Cam’s involvement in the show is far less than portrayed.

“Scott is rarely on site,” reveals the insider. “They edit his visits in to make it look like he’s there more often.”

While there may be more “smoke and mirrors” at play than viewers realised, the show’s ratings success confirms that this formula is working.

“It’s paying off,” the insider concludes.

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Image: New Idea

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