Tara Reid disaster! Actress KICKED off flight for bizarre meltdown

The star reacts for the oddest reason.

Tara Reid has been booted off a flight prior to take-off after an angry outburst on Monday, TMZ reports.

The US site claims the 42-year-old actress was aboard a Delta flight which was heading from Los Angeles to New York. 

According to the report, Reid became agitated at the location of her seat and the lack of pillow provided on said seat. 

Flight attendants attempted to calm her down, the outlet further reports. 

tara reid
(Credit: Getty)

The pilot of the aircraft had already progressed the plane past the gate, but decided to alter course and head back amid a customer service problem, according to the outlet.

Tara’s side of the story is she thought she had a window seat and was upset that wasn’t the case. Further, she says she was cramped in her seat because the woman in front of her had reclined.

A Delta spokesperson tells us the flight eventually took off for NYC after a short delay. Tara boarded an alternate flight. 

A passenger on the flight filmed Reid’s reaction. 

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