Who is Sam Armytage’s new boyfriend Richard Lavender?

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Yesterday, Sunrise host Samantha Armytage went public with her relationship with Richard Lavender for Who’s Sexiest, and fans are begging for information about the tv veterans new man. 

WATCH WHO’s SEXIEST: Rapid fire questions with Sam Armytage and Richard Lavender

In a series of stunning shots with WHO, 43-year-old Sam showed off her 60-year-old boyfriend, letting the world in to their simple country life. 

Here is everything we know about Sam’s new partner, Richard Lavender. 

How did Richard and Sam first meet? 

Sam and Richard were introduced by a mutual friend around Easter time this year in the Southern Highlands.

“His eyes were the first thing I saw,” Armytage says of their first meeting, adding “there was a [immediate] connection.” 

Speaking with WHO, Sam revealed that her big attraction to Richard was the fact that he had “no idea” who she was when they first met.  

However, a few weeks into their blossoming romance Armytage decided enough was enough and asked Lavender, “Can you watch this show once so you know what I actually do for a living?” 

sam Richard who sexiest
Sam and Richard are smitten. (Credit: WHO)

What does Richard Lavender do? 

Not much is known of Richard’s professional life, however the 60-year-old lives on a 40-hectare property in Bowral. 

Sam reveals that Richard had “no idea” who she was when they first met. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Do Sam and Richard live together? 

Speaking with WHO, Sam and Richard revealed they divide their time between Sydney and the Southern Highlands. During the week while Armytage is filming Sunrise, Lavender will come and stay at her home in Bondi. 

Meanwhile on the weekends the couple will retreat South to Bowral, where they will spend time riding the horses on Richard’s property.

“Richard is a fabulous rider. I rode as a kid and did pony club and didn’t get on a horse for about 20 years,” Sam revealed. 

“I’m getting back into it. I’m a little bit more nervous than I used to be. When you’re a kid, you don’t think about hurting yourself. I’m a bit more wary than I used to be.”

After several weeks of getting to know each other, Sam confessed that she finally encouraged Richard to watch Sunrise – just so he could find out what she did for a living. (Credit: Getty)

What is the next step for Sam and Richard? 

Right now, they’re “happy and having fun”, Armytage reveals. 

Whatever happens, the couple are determined to keep their relationship private. 

“He doesn’t care what people think of him,” Sam says, “Which I admire greatly. He’s very decent,very honest.I love that he’s so modest.”

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(Credit: WHO)

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