Jules Robinson says her teeth have “never looked better” after debuting transformation

This was an 11-year journey.
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Former Married At First Sight Australia star Jules Robinson has shared details of her latest cosmetic procedure in what has been an 11-year journey.

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Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Jules debuted her fresh new smile, courtesy of invisalign.

“And just like that! (14 weeks later) my teeth and smile have never looked better! If I say so myself 😉😂,” the reality star wrote.

She then shared some details about her journey to obtaining straight teeth, revealing the amusing hurdle she faced along the way.

Jules Robinson had debuted her new teeth after receiving invisalign. (Credit: Instagram)

“This was round two of @invisalign_au for me. I had it about 11 years ago and unfortunately 5 years ago a dog ate my retainer ( not one word of a lie 😂) and whilst pregnant, I’m not sure why but my teeth really moved!

“I’m so happy with them and have no plans of a dog in our life any time soon 😂.”

Jules, however, may have found comfort in the fact that she is not alone when it comes to canine-related retainer issues.

“All dogs love eating retainers 😂😂,” one user commented underneath her post.

Jules Robinson (right) and Cam Merchant (left) met on Married At First Sight. (Credit: Instagram)

“My dog ate my retainer too… wasn’t happy to put it bluntly 😂😂😵‍💫,” another added.

Jules’ stunning new teeth debut comes just months after the star spoke to New Idea about her goal of losing 20kg by her 40th birthday in March, turning to Jenny Craig’s Rapid Results Max program to do it.

“Having such a busy lifestyle and being a full-time mummy and full-time business owner, I just needed help to push ‘go’ on my goals and something that was really easy to follow and do,” she said.

Cam and Jules share a baby boy, Ollie. (Credit: Instagram)

While her baby Ollie is always “at the forefront of [her] mind”, along with her husband Cam Merchant, Jules also acknowledges that self-care is super important for new mums.

“It’s very easy to lose yourself, especially in those first few months of motherhood,” she said.

“I’m so appreciative of my husband that totally co-parents with me. Being 50/50 together in parenting allows us both to feel independent in things we like to do for ourselves and keep us the individuals that we are.”

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