Jennifer Aniston suffers wardrobe malfunction

The actress is making her big TV comeback.
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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are getting ready to debut their brand new series: The Morning Show.

WATCH: Jen decided to pash Ellen  

Jennifer Aniston, 50, dressed in a long black gown for the premiere of the show.

The Friends actress – who is rumoured to be romancing her former onscreen lover, David Schwimmer –  teamed the look with her trademark wavy locks and natural make-up.

But it seems Justin Theroux’s ex suffered a few mishaps along the way.

Jennifer Aniston
Jen, 50, is the star of Morning Wars

Fans noticed that just like us –  her fake tan blotched under her armpits.

She then had another wardrobe malfunction with her nipple pads shining through her outfit.

Despite the slight hiccups, the starlet shone next to her co-star.

Reese decided to channel her in Hollywood siren, opting for a sequined strapless gown.

Jennifer Aniston
The star’s nipple pad can be seen.

The ladies big TV reunion follows their roles on Friends, where Reese played Jen’s sister. 

“When I first saw Reese I was struck by how little she was! Like a little cherub and she was holding a little baby. So, I was like, ‘There’s a baby with a baby! I was obsessed with them!’” Jennifer recounted to news.com.au of her first memories Reese – who was just 24-year-olds and already mum to daughter Ava.

“I remember being amazed by Reese and all she was taking on at that time as well as being such a kick-a** young actress. It was just fun. I’d love to go back,” she added.

Jennifer Aniston
Jen is known for her role on Friends. (Credit: BACKGRID)

Now, they’re both back for the silver screen.

The Morning Show – named Morning Wars in Australia – will air on Apple TV on November 2.

The women both play news anchors, alongside Steve Carrell.

Jen plays newsreader Alex Levy, and Reese is Bradley Jackson – who’s an aspiring journalist.

Jennifer Aniston
The Morning Show has been renamed to Morning Wars in Australia.

Jen recently addressed rumours of a Friends reboot.

Chatting to Ellen, she said, “Listen, we would love for there to be something, but we don’t know what that something is, so we’re just trying, we’re working on something.”

When asked if they’d do a movie, she confessed, “I don’t know yet! I don’t want to lead people on.”

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