Jennifer Aniston’s new hell: Why her life has been ruined

The high-profile exes are in meltdown mode over their latest legal woes.
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Their marriage may be over, but the drama continues for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

Poor Jen can’t escape the dangerous drama: Watch below her scary on-set moment with Reese Witherspoon. 

The former A-list couple have reportedly been dragged into a court case involving a death that occurred on the night of their 2015 Bora Bora honeymoon party. 

According to sources, the 50-year-old actress in particular has been struggling with the idea of taking the stand in court.

ABC News
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“Jen’s riddled with anxiety 
and is in a state of panic over having to testify as a witness,” a source revealed. 

“She’s barely sleeping or eating as she works herself up into a paranoid state and fears things could potentially spiral if the jury or the judge isn’t satisfied with her testimony.”

The court proceedings relate to an investigation into the 
death of party attendee Carmel Musgrove.

According to documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the 28-year-old assistant to producer Joel Silver was last sighted at Jen and Justin’s engagement party.

Just two days later, Carmel’s nude dead body was found floating in the water.

An autopsy determined that Carmel died from a combination of drowning and the effects of drugs and alcohol in her system.

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