Jen and Justin’s divorce turns nasty

The actor is NOT going away quietly.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s split did not come as a shock to their inner circle, but friends now say the couple’s drawn out divorce has turned ‘nasty.’

The couple announced earlier this year, ‘We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship.’

‘We are determined to maintain the deep respect and love we have for one another.’

the couple looked tense
Jen and Justin looked tense in their last outings together as a couple (Credit: Getty)

Eight months into their divorce, that ‘respect and love’, has devolved into an all-out war, Life & Style has learnt. 

As Jen and Justin’s legal teams jostle over her $200 million fortune, the ‘anything-but-friendly’ exes have resorted to hurling accusations and insults at one another. 

‘Their war is far from over,’ an insider tells Life & Style. 

‘Jen thought this would be an amicable split, but she was wrong. She says she hopes to never see or talk to Justin or even utter his name again once all of this is through.’ 

jen and justin
Jen and Justin looked tense in their last outings together as a couple (Credit: Getty)

Last week, just before what would have been their third wedding anniversary, Jen told InStyle magazine that despite what people think, ‘I’m not heartbroken.’ 

‘She’s not – she’s actually disappointed and disgusted in him,’ an insider claims. 

‘The interview was her big F’ you to Justin,’ they spill to Life & Style. ‘She blames him for dragging his feet on their divorce.’ 

Life & Style claims the divorce between the former couple should have been quick and simple, noting the pair had a prenup stating Jen would keep her $200 million and he’d walk away with his $20 million.

But Justin has now instructed his lawyer to go after half of Jen’s net worth.

‘Justin feels like he put up with an insecure, jealous and reclusive partner for seven years – two and a half of them married – so he deserves half,’ a insider explosively tells Life & Style. 

But, according to the US publication, Jen isn’t budging.

‘Her legal team is making sure Justin gets absolutely nothing,’ says the insider. 

‘Jen wanted a clean break-up but that’s not going to happen.’ 

life and style

Jen or Justin have responded to Life & Style’s claims. 

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