He’s still got it! Hugh Jackman shows off six-pack

The actor cools off at Bondi Beach

He might not be The Wolverine anymore, but Hugh Jackman proves that he still has super hero abs!

Much to the enjoyment of female onlookers, the Hollywood heartthrob showed off his buff beach bod as he took a dip in the surf at Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

After braving the chilly water temperatures, a topless Hugh was spotted leaving the surf in a pair of grey board shorts, before heading to the showers where he washed of the salt water.

hugh jackman
Hugh Jackman delighted beachgoers by taking a shirtless dip in the surf. (Photo Credit: KHAP/ MEGA)

The actor who likes to keep in peak physical form has been known to undertake grueling workouts for his film roles, most notably when he played Wolverine.

Speaking to Bodybuilding.com back in January, Hugh’s trainer, David Kingsbery revealed that Hugh undertook an intense four-week program that included everything from heavy weightlifting to cardio.

hugh jackman
Hugh pulled an interesting facial while washing off after his swim. (Photo Credit: KHAP/ MEGA)

 ‘He’s very motivated and adherent, so he doesn’t require a drill sergeant or babysitter,’ he said. ‘We train together, and I always push the intensity.’ 

But, it wasn’t only about the exercise, Hugh also dramatically changed his diet to achieve his ripped Wolverine body.

‘I ate very clean, even when I was bulking. Food-wise it’s lots of chicken breasts, egg whites, brown rice, spinach, lean steak, avocado, steamed broccoli. But then I’d also gulp down protein shakes,’ Hugh told Bodybuilding.com.

hugh jackman
Hugh undertook an intense training program for his role as Wolverine.

‘If you are what you eat, I am definitely a chicken breast!’ He laughs.

Despite stepping down from the famous role, Hugh is clearly still keeping in tip top shape.

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