Home and Away: Robbo’s shocking discovery

Jasmine is worried for her husband and her life.
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This week’s Home and Away spoiler picks up at a knocked unconscious Robbo (Jake Ryan), who is behind bars in a dark and deserted building. While he yells out, desperate to be heard, no-one responds.

But Robbo is in for one of the biggest shocks of his life when his mystery captor finally presents himself.

For it is none other than Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) – the man Robbo now believes killed his first family!

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Back in the Bay, Jasmine (Sam Frost) is becoming more distraught with every hour and with still no word of her missing husband.

“Robbo had left Jasmine’s side to try and put the pieces together and get to the bottom of this terrifying situation once and for all,” says Sam.

With Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) unable to comfort the young nurse, Colby (Tim Franklin) makes plans with Lance (Angus McLaren) for Jasmine to leave town for her own safety.

Soon after, Jasmine is taken back to the safe house to be with a heavily pregnant Tori (Penny McNamee).

Sam Frost
(Credit: Channel Seven)

“Colby tells her it’s time to pack up her things and move again, and this rocks Jasmine greatly,” says Sam.

“Jasmine’s been through so much. She’s fearing for her own life every second of the day and now her husband is missing – and she has to leave town again, not knowing if she is still being watched. It couldn’t be more frightening. The only positive is that she will see Tori again, but she really is just going through the motions and simply living day by day.”

Meanwhile, we see that Robbo is being held captive –and it’s clear that he’s been there for quite some time.

Home and Away
(Credit: Channel Seven)

“Robbo is beginning to fear that he may never see Jasmine again,” says Jake.

Finally, the door is unlocked and a still-chained Robbo is allowed to walk out. And it’s at this moment that Dylan finally reveals himself, rocking Robbo to the core.

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