Summer hacks that will make your beach holiday the best yet

Apply these rules for a stress-free and healthy break
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– Stop sunburn using aloe Vera on ice
Fill up ice trays with a mix of raw aloe vera and water and place in the freezer as an easy, plan-ahead remedy for sunburn. Prevention is better than cure, so slip, slop, slap.

– Avoid food poisoning by never leaving food out
That roast chook and potato 
salad on the buffet table may look delicious, but be sure to find out how long it’s been sitting there before tucking in. ‘The rule of thumb is that no food should be 
left out for four total hours,’ says 
US dietitian Amy Goodson. ‘This refers to not just four hours at a time, but four accumulated hours.’

– Prevent heat exhaustion by carrying water
Heatwaves have killed more Australians than all other natural hazards combined. Heat-related illnesses range from cramps to serious heatstroke, which can kill. On the hottest days, always have plenty of water on hand. Even if you’re not thirsty, you can use the water to dampen a towel to cool you down.

– Treat stings and bites with antiseptic cream
All the nasties come out in summer: stingers, mozzies, 
ants and sandflies that like 
to bite or sting. Always carry 
a tube of antiseptic cream for quick relief. It immediately works to reduce the red swelling and 
will also soothe heat rashes.

– Prevent drowning 
by avoiding drinking and swimming
When we drink, our judgement 
can be compromised. When sober, swimming out into a strong current might seem like a risky idea, but after a few beers you think it’s the best idea ever, and get caught in 
a rip. Alcohol and drugs can also increase the risk of spasm of the vocal cords if water enters the windpipe. It’s not worth the risk!

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