Destination Weddings: Packages, Locations & Ideas

Chose a stunning back drop for your big day

What Is A Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is when a couple decide to have their wedding overseas in a beautiful location, instead of tying the knot in their hometown. The location in question may be a place that is particularly special to the couple, or a place they’ve always wanted to journey to. It may be that both parties are of a different nationality, and a destination wedding will allow both sets of family and friends to meet halfway. Whatever the underlying intention, the idea is that the couple will say ‘I do’ and then spend their honeymoon exploring the destination.

Why Are Destination Weddings Popular?

Now more than ever, brides and grooms everywhere want to celebrate their big day with something unique. And if this means saving up to do just how they want it, then that’s what they’re prepared to do. Wedded Wonderland recently surveyed over 500 brides who married in the last 18 months to determine the average cost of a wedding in Australia. According to the participants, the cost of wedding in 2019 is approximately $53,168. If that $53K can get you a wedding at a local venue for 100+ guests, or a wedding in a romantic overseas location with just close family and friends in attendance – what would you choose? 

Pros & Cons of Destination Weddings

Choosing to have your wedding overseas will have both positive and negative consequences. If you consider this pros and cons list and see too many dealbreakers, then perhaps a destination wedding isn’t for you. However, if you look at this list and think the cons aren’t that big of a deal, maybe you’re just the sort of person who should consider planning a destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Pros

Complete Wedding Packages 

  • We know that destination weddings are popular, and guess who knows this too? The hospitality and tourism industries. Venues now compete to cater for the best destination weddings, and package deals may be all-inclusive and come with a on-site wedding consultant who will act as a personal concierge for you and your guests during your stay.

Fewer Invitations

  • Not everyone is going to have the time or the money to attend your wedding, so this gets you off the hook when it comes to invitations. Your annoying second cousin? Not invited. Your boss? Cross them off the list. Destination weddings give you a license to be ruthless when it comes to wedding invites.

Fewer Guests Means Cheaper Reception

  • If you’re inviting only your nearest and dearest, this means your reception is going to be less costly then if you’d opted to have it at home where 100+ people had the potential to show up. Cha-Ching! More money you can spend on your honeymoon together.

Honeymoon in Your Dream Location

  • Speaking of your honeymoon, a destination wedding means you can spend more time soaking up the atmosphere and culture of your ideal location.


Destination Wedding Cons

Red Tape

  • If you venue does not specialise in weddings, there may be a lot of bureaucracy to deal with. You may have complications when it comes to getting a marriage certificate or a licensed celebrant.

Guests Who Can’t Make It

  • One one hand, you’ve wrangled your way out of inviting anyone you don’t particular like. But on the other hand, some people that you really want to be there might be unable to take the time off work or afford the expense of flights. If there is anyone who is elderly or lacking in mobility, travelling to a destination wedding may be too big of an ask. Talk to. the people you think are on the fence, and see if there is a way you can pay some of their airfare or assist in any way. 

Your Family Is On Your Honeymoon

  • You’re newlyweds, and now your family is on your honeymoon with you. Sure, they won’t be following you around every step of the way, but you may not get as much alone time as you bargained on

Wedding Planner Issues

  • It can be difficult trying to plan a wedding if you and the wedding planner are in different time zones. What’s even harder is not having a wedding planner and trying to organise your wedding from another country. Is this an added stress you’ll be able to cope with?

How To Plan A Destination Wedding

The Best Places To Have A Destination Wedding 

If you’re stuck for ideas about where you should go, here are a handful of locations which will guarantee you an unforgettable wedding and amazing pictures to look back on.

1. Italy

Location: Taormina, Italy

What’s On Offer?: Of course, getting married almost anywhere in Europe would make for a magical experience, but Taormina is especially beautiful. A hilltop town on the east coast of Sicily, Taormina is known for its stunning coastline and cliffs.

Venue: Taormina Weddings was established in 2015, and their website suggests a variety of breathtaking venues for your wedding. You could be on the beach overlooking the 5 star Isola Bella hotel, you could be in a baroque palace or a rustic farmhouse.

Wedding Packages: Taormina Weddings offer multiple services so that nothing is lacking from your special day. Everything from photography and video to the flowers and catering is available via their website.

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2. Hawaii

Location: Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii 

What’s On Offer?: If you’ve dreamt of getting married in a tropical paradise, then why not celebrate in Hawaii? 

Venue: The Lanikuhonua Cultural Centre has significant experience when it comes to executing events and weddings. 

Wedding Packages: This centre has three wedding venues to boot, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to your Hawaiian wedding.

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3. The Maldives

Location: Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, The Maldives 

What’s On Offer?: You can surf, dive, swim or spend all day in the spa – the choice is yours!

Venue: The resort boast 110 beach villas and over water suites, just 35 minutes by speedboat from the international airport.

Wedding Packages: There are two packages on offer at the Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort , a beach wedding or a private island package

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4. Mexico

Location: Royalton Riviera Resort, Cancun, Mexico

What’s On Offer?: Cancun is well known for its stunning beaches, resorts and buzzing nightlife. 

Venue: The property boasts 9 restaurants, 13 bars, a children’s waterpark, a casino, a gelato bar,  and much more.

Wedding Packages: The hotel offers 5 destination wedding packages around $6000 + an array of wonderful custom experiences to add on if you so wish to do so at an additional cost.

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