Woman’s $150 Kmart kitchen hack stuns the Internet

'BEST makeover I've ever seen!'

Interior designer Bel Jones has taken to Instagram to share her amazing transformation of her mother’s kitchen, and it’s all thanks to Kmart

Jones heard about Kmart’s $3 marble adhesive roll that is being used by saavy home owners to help upgrade rooms for less. 

So while her mother went away on a week-long holiday, Bel decided to give the dated kitchen a makeover. 

In total the transformation cost her an incredibly low $150.

‘Kitchen makeover featuring the Kmart contact to cover the horrible yellow bench tops,’ Bel posted in a Facebook group. 

Bel added, ‘Thank you to the ladies who posted about the hack! What an amazing differences it makes – here’s my before and after.’

Bel Jones/Instagram
(Credit: Bel Jones/Instagram)
Bel Jones/Instagram
(Credit: Bel Jones/Instagram)

The difference in the two kitchens is huge, and others in the group praised Bel’s efforts. 

‘It looks so fresh and new,’ one person commented.

‘This is the best makeover I’ve ever seen,’ another added.

However, some users did express concern over the marble contacting – claiming it might start to ‘bubble’ when it comes into contact with water.

Bel responded saying this hadn’t been an issue.  

‘It sticks down really well… ‘ve just been using a wet cloth to clean it when needed and it’s held up perfectly!’ She explained in the comments. 

‘We are re-doing the whole kitchen early next year so the contact will suit for a temporary fix.’

The marble covering available at Kmart has been hugely popular this year.

(Credit: Kmart)

So many others have taken to Instagram to share their own hacks for the covering.

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